Desert Parkway Behavioral Health Hospital Rehab Review

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Located in the very heart of vibrant Las Vegas, Nevada, Desert Parkway Behavioral Health Hospital operates as a private psychiatric facility. Its programs, based on comprehensive mental health services, treat adolescents and adults respectfully whether they suffer from a behavioral illness, chemical dependency, or both at the same time. While it admits patients from Las Vegas area, Desert Parkway is the part of Signature Healthcare Services, with hospitals in California, Arizona, Illinois, and Texas in addition to the Nevada facility.

Desert Parkway: Treatments, Programs and Staff

Desert Parkway offers services of assessment and referral, inpatient psychiatric crisis stabilization, psychiatric and chemical dependency detoxification and rehabilitation, and outpatient programs. As such, main programs at Desert Parkway are:

  • Inpatient psychiatric
  • Outpatient services
  • Chemical dependency program
  • Hope for heroes
  • Transitions program

Even though chemical dependency program is a program fully specialized in substance addiction and abuse treatment, other Desert Parkway’s programs also treat patients for these conditions. Inpatient psychiatric program focuses on patients suffering from substance-related disorders with psychiatric symptoms. On the other side, Hope for heroes aims to help military members, veterans and first responders with many issues, including substance abuse. Transitions program helps elderly with the same issues.

However, The Desert Parkway Chemical Dependency and Detoxification Inpatient Program are the main programs patients apply for. Not only that Desert Parkways shapes individualized treatment for each patient based on their unique needs, but it does so in relation to patients’ families and loved ones as well. This way, the hospital enables optimal conditions for patients’ recovery and long-lasting treatment outcome.

To reach success, Desert Parkway approaches drug or alcohol addiction, and mental health challenges as one inseparable issue. As such, the most common problems patients are treated for are:

  • Depression and mood changes
  • Anxiety
  • Lack of motivation
  • Urges and Cravings
  • Post-Acute Withdrawal Symptoms
  • Relapse

All patients partake in education on addiction cycles, stress management sessions, group, individual and family therapies, and trainings for building coping skills.

Desert Parkway: Facilities and Extras

When it comes to its facility, Desert Parkway is a building designed in a modern, bright architectural style, exuding comfort. Patients’ rooms are spacious, two beds and a private bathroom each. Dining hall is equipped with modern and simple furniture, including wall windows adding to a bright and relaxing atmosphere. Same as dining hall, common areas are spacious, simple, and bright, adorned with artworks, comfortable furniture and appealing interior design solutions. In addition to high quality residential areas, the facility also has sport facilities for patients to keep both their bodies and minds healthy.

Rules and Regulations at Desert Parkway

In order to be admitted to Desert Parkway, patients must undergo assessment process at the hospital’s assessment and referral department, after which they are being appointed to programs and services which meet their needs the best. Upon admission, patients, including their further visitors, must oblige to rules and regulations of Desert Parkway. Clothes must be comfortable, appropriate and non-revealing. The complete list of prohibited items is available at “Packing for your stay” section of Desert Parkway’s website.

Additionally, each patient is given a code without which visitors can’t pay a visit to a patient if they do not know the code. Two adult visitors at one time are allowed per patient.


With its approach in treating both mental health and addiction disorders, and moreover, doing so in a relaxing atmosphere, Desert Parkway keeps its spot in the heart of Las Vegas for a good reason. Despite the vibrancy of the city, Desert Parkway is a tranquil spot for Las Vegans to reach sobriety and venture back to dynamism of every day life.

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