Damon House Rehab Review: Helping the Less Fortunate

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Started as a social services organization in 1969, Damon House quickly switched tracks to provide inpatient and outpatient substance abuse treatment to the residents of both New Brunswick and Paterson, New Jersey.

Damon House offers an evidence-based approach to treatment combined with the 12-Step philosophy. Damon House also encourages its residents to participate in community events and volunteer for nonprofit organizations in and around New Brunswick.

With Open Arms

The Damon House rehab program is housed in an old, exposed brick armory, in the rough and tumble neighborhood of New Brunswick. While the house is officially owned by the city of New Brunswick, Damon House is still responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the house, which residents also help with.

Damon House can accommodate up to 65 men and women over the age of 18 years old in the residential program. The rooms at Damon House consists mostly of two single beds to a room with minimal furniture (incoming residents are asked to bring at least two weeks worth of clothes). Men and women live separately.

The house has large assembly rooms for group meetings and a communal eating area where all residents eat together. There are fitness facilities onsite for residents to work out and relieve stress.

Brick by Brick

The majority of clients at the Damon House get referred to the program through the criminal justice system. Individuals can also enroll themselves but must call ahead to receive an assessment to determine their eligibility for the inpatient residential program.

Incoming clients must be sober when they arrive since Damon House does not provide detoxification services. All clients must pass a mandatory urinalysis test upon being admitted.

Clients can contact loved ones within their first 72 hours at Damon House to ask for any particular items they would like to have dropped off for them. Afterward, however, all contact with family members is restricted for another two weeks.  

Residents receive further medical and psychological evaluations within their first week at Damon House to help determine how best to treat them for any co-occurring disorders. Damon House boasts a specialized team of professionals that can provide a wide swath of services to clients.

Resident stays can last anywhere from a few weeks to a few months, depending on the resident. Treatment in the residential program features group and individual counseling, as well as meetings with a staff psychiatrist for dual diagnosis sufferers. Alumni of Damon House can also hold guest lectures as well as direct onsite 12-Step meetings.

Damon House has a full-time house doctor and nursing staff so residents can get treated for any related or unrelated medical conditions. Employment counselors at Damon House can also help indigent or recently released clients find work once their treatment has finished.

In line with treating substance abuse, Damon House also tries to expose clients to sober recreational activities. Clients go on supervised excursions to football games and cookouts to challenge their response to triggers they might experience back in the real world.

Clients at Damon House can also volunteer for organizations affiliated with Damon House. Volunteering can help instill a sense of duty and selflessness in clients who previously only felt committed to themselves.

Another Level

The Paterson location of Damon House used to provide inpatient treatment, but now only houses the outpatient program. There are two levels of outpatient treatment available at the Paterson location.

The Intensive level runs for over 28 weeks and offers dual diagnosis treatment, as well as individual and group and family counseling. Every week includes nine hours of therapy: one hour of individual counseling, and eight hours of group therapy.

The less intense strain of outpatient treatment also features individual and group counseling for a minimum of nine hours per week. Clients can also bring family members for counseling and attend addiction education and relapse prevention classes.

Damon House has been offering substance abuse treatment to men and women for over 50 years. They never turn anyone away for lack of insurance or an inability to pay. This open-door policy does not mean, however, that their treatment schemes or staff are substandard, far from it.

The residential and outpatient programs are comprehensive and lengthy, which allows patients to integrate the lessons of recovery into their everyday thinking. Damon House offers qualified and expert care from caring professionals who continue to give back to the surrounding community by helping people get their lives back.

Price for residential and outpatient treatment at Damon House based on a sliding scale.

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