Crossroads East for Men Rehab Review: The 12 Step Model for Men

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Crossroads East for Men Review

The Crossroads East for Men rehab center is a long-running addiction treatment program in Phoenix, Arizona. The Crossroads East for Men program emphasizes fidelity to the 12 Step program, as well as the SMART Recovery version of the 12 Step model.

A Fork in the Road

The Crossroads program has many different facilities across Arizona. The Crossroads East for Men program was the first facility to open under the Crossroads banner in 1960. Ever since then, Crossroads has opened five other facilities, four for men and one for women.

Accommodations at the Crossroads East for Men program can hold up to 48 people at any one time. 12 separate houses have four beds each. The type of bed varies between bunk beds and single beds.

All the units have the basic amenities like private bathrooms, closets and wardrobes, as well as desks and private work spaces. Each unit also has a television.

There is a shared laundry facility on campus for all residents. All residents eat their meals at the central dining hall located in the center of the campus. The Crossroads East for Men facility has a professional-level kitchen that serves three meals a day to residents.

Another notable feature of the Crossroads East for Men campus is the ample meeting hall, which can accommodate 200 people, where a variety of activities takes place. The meeting room hosts lectures and 12-Step meetings as well as being the meeting place for family visits.

Choosing the Right Road

The Crossroads treatment programs are all centralized. The Crossroads for Women center is the only exception since it offers more gender-based treatments, other than that all the Crossroads centers offer the same approach to addiction treatment.

Since the Crossroads takes an abstinence-based approach to substance abuse, there are no detox facilities on-site. It is unclear how Crossroads handles this particular aspect of drug addiction recovery.

There are two distinct, phased inpatient residential treatment programs along with a separate track for outpatient services. The inpatient residential programs come in two different stages, with the only real difference being their duration – phase one lasts for 30-days; phase two lasts for 90-days.

The two phases work in conjunction with each other. The 30-day program offers patients a full and thorough mental and physical assessment by Crossroads staff to help you decide the best treatment track.

Phase 1 of the 30-day program allows for 72-hours of education classes. Topics cover everything from addiction education to relapse prevention study. Another important aspect of the 30-day program is the Right Track Readiness classes that prepare residents for the other features to come in the extended program.

12 Step meetings and life skills coaching (job searches, resume building) all make up the entirety of the 30-day program. The 90-day program, (which is optional) sees all those skills learned during the previous program applied to the real world.

The more intense 90-day program prepares residents for reintegration into society. Unemployed residents are expected to find work and are helped throughout this process.

Random drug and alcohol tests ensure sobriety among the residents. Further classes are given dealing with everything from relapse prevention to financial literacy.

End of the Line

The outpatient program at Crossroads East for Men offers flexible scheduling and a smattering of the services provided to inpatient residents. Employment services are provided as well as educational classes on the nature of addiction.

How to get help for any co-occurring disorders is something that is also covered. The outpatient format can last for up to eight weeks.

The Crossroads treatment centers all offer the same abstinence-based treatments. There are inpatient and outpatient options.

There is a lack of evidence-based treatments or holistic treatments. But the Crossroads has shown consistency by sticking to the 12-Step model, which is what works for them.

In addition to that integrity, the Crossroads also helps you get your life back together by providing social services like helping people find work and teaching them how to stay sober.

Price for 30 days at Crossroads East for Men: $2,730 ($79 per day, meals included)

Price for 90 days at Crossroads East for Men: $40 per day, meals included.

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