Cottonwood Springs Rehab Review: The Cutting Edge of Drug Rehab

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Cottonwood Springs Review

For a facility that only opened in 2015, Cottonwood Springs has made quite a splash in the world of drug rehabilitation. It offers both inpatient and outpatient treatments at its sprawling campus just outside of Kansas City, where residents are encouraged to take advantage of the serene setting to relax, exercise or practice meditation while they undergo various treatments, both traditional (12 Step programs) and evidence-based (cognitive behavioral therapy).

Stepping Into the Future

The entire Cottonwood Springs campus was built and designed around the philosophy of comfort and healing. The treatment options available at Cottonwood reflect their desire to provide the best care necessary for a patient’s particular needs.

Inpatient residential treatments are what Cottonwood does best, given its 72-bed capacity, it’s isolated and soothing setting and the quality of the amenities provided to those who choose to make Cottonwood their home during treatment periods that vary depending on the assessments made by your treatment team.

Assessments are made upon intake. A treatment plan is created with your input, and then you are given specific goals to meet during your stay. Cottonwood emphasizes your full and committed participation during your recovery, so this includes attending 12 Step meetings and therapy sessions. Most daily treatment programs can run up to 10 hours a day, with other therapeutic and wellness activities and meals interspersed in between.

Cottonwood espouses its use of COGNIT, an internet based education and recovery program that is available to both inpatients and outpatients, both during their stay and after. The COGNIT system provides constant motivation and support tools through mobile devices like smartphones and laptops to keep up the continuum of care even when you are not in therapy or receiving counseling.

The term “treatment team” is not a euphemism at Cottonwood – a treatment team is what you receive upon entering the inpatient program. Each patient entering the inpatient residential program is assigned specifically to them psychiatrists, registered nurses, patient care assistants (PCAs), recreational therapists and a therapist or social worker.

Medically supervised detoxification facilities are on-site, for those about to enter the inpatient program or for those that only require a partial hospitalization stay. After detox, your stay will be designed around your clinical and therapeutic needs and depending on that your treatment team will decide the best course of action.

Partial hospitalization visits typically consist of five to six-hour sessions, five days a week. The structure of therapy is based on proven and widely practiced treatments such as cognitive behavioral therapy, motivation therapy, and reality therapy.

The intensive outpatient program at Cottonwood requires the same amount of effort and dedication as the inpatient program, but it has different hours available to accommodate any other pressing commitments you might have.

The IOP is also based on therapies that are well-known and are in use throughout the country, treatments like the Hazelden program and dialectical behavioral therapy, but time for more holistic therapies like music and art classes are also given.

Welcome to the Future

Cottonwood Springs offers its patients the latest in behavioral and substance abuse care. Whether it be through non-traditional therapies like art and music classes or comprehensive, well-structured counseling and behavioral therapy sessions, Cottonwood Springs offers nothing but the best.

Prices depend on whether you have insurance and how long you plan on staying.

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