Cornerstone of Rhinebeck Treatment Center Review: Peaceful Place

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Cornerstone of Rhinebeck Review

Cornerstone of Rhinebeck provides detox services and residential treatment for people struggling with substance abuse. The center is located in Dutchess County, New York. Because of its outstanding services and the view to the Catskills Mountains, Cornerstone of Rhinebeck is now one of the most popular rehab centers in the state of New York.

The maximum capacity of the inpatient center is 96 beds. Resident shares their room with three roommates. The interior of the facility is decorated in a manner that provides a cozy environment for the clients. Rooms are well-equipped to make the stay in the center more home-like. A common area that includes dining room, entertainment room, offices, and nurses station is located on the first floor.

Meals are prepared by the staff, and there is an option for special meals for clients who are on a certain nutrition regime.

Cornerstone of Rhinebeck: Treatments, Programs, and Staff

Cornerstone considers addiction a disease that has an impact on every aspect of person’s life, and the recovery a life-long process.

The center provides detox services for patients with light withdrawal symptoms. Others are referred to the local hospital. The capacity of the detox wing is 10 beds.

Inpatient section offers residence for 28 patients. Clients can attend daily group therapy sessions that include discussion about wellness, anger management, gender-specific groups, and health. Also, clients can watch movies or attend lectures. Sessions are based on cognitive-behavioral approach.

Gender-specific groups are designed for women, and their focus is on domestic violence, abuse, self-esteem, and co-dependent relationships. Additionally, exercise group meets three times a week to practice yoga or Tai Chi.

Individual counseling and family therapy can be arranged if needed.

After the admission and initial assessment, staff members create a highly individualized treatment plan for every client depending on their needs.

Staff members in Cornerstone of Rhinebeck include substance abuse counselors, nurses, doctor, and treatment technicians. The staff-to-client ratio is one-to-seven.

Cornerstone of Rhinebeck: Facilities and Extras

In addition to yoga and Tai Chi, clients can take long walks and go hiking. Also, there are Spanish-speaking groups where clients can discuss problems in their communities. The center provides legal support for patients who have committed drug-related crimes.

Six months after the completion of the residential treatment clients can take part in the aftercare program that provides extended support and counseling.

Rules and Regulations in Cornerstone of Rhinebeck

In Cornerstone of Rhinebeck, breakfast is served at 7 AM, and the first group meeting starts at 9 AM.

The cost of a 28-day stay in the center is $14,000.


Cornerstone of Rhinebeck is an outstanding addiction treatment facility that is a part of Cornerstone family. It provides detox, inpatient treatment, and aftercare services for both men and women dealing with substance abuse issues. Treatment for patients with dual-diagnosis is also possible but only if they do not require constant medical care.

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