Cornerstone at Fresh Meadows Rehab Review: The Best in Queens

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Cornerstone at Fresh Meadows Review

As it occupies the five story Cornerstone Medical Arts Building in Fresh Meadows, Queens, New York, the Cornerstone at Fresh Meadows drug rehabilitation program can be trusted to provide the very best in medical treatment of addiction and mental health problems.

It is a proven leader in addressing substance abuse issues which it has been doing for over 40 years. The two primary programs offered at Fresh Meadows are a medical detoxification program and an inpatient rehabilitation program. There is currently no outpatient program though there are aftercare services provided to residents who have successfully transitioned out of the inpatient program.

Turning the Corner

There are 159 beds available for incoming patients, all of them divided into different units covering the two floors, with 50 beds to each unit and two patients occupying a room at any given time. Despite its hospital setting, patients are expected to keep their rooms clean and maintain them as such.

The same applies to the various communal living spaces found throughout the hospital. Patients are also responsible for washing and drying their clothes.

Medically supervised withdrawal is available on-site. The detoxification unit operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week with a staff of nurses, doctors, and other medical professionals always on hand.

Detox has various lengths of duration, depending on a person’s needs, and that’s why only when patients are deemed medically sound and stable can they truly begin their recovery in Cornerstone’s premier Rehabilitation Program.

Fighting the Disease

Again, due to its hospital setting, the approach to addiction that Cornerstone takes towards treating substance abuse issues is a clinical one. With that said, patients are always closely monitored by medical professionals (nurses, licensed counselors and physicians and support technicians) who are not only specialized in their field but can also draw from experience in other disciplines to form a better continuum of care. Prescription medications like Methadone and Suboxone can also be used during treatments to treat the most severe cases.

Individualized plans of treatment are built around each person with clinical, psychological and physical needs taken into account. All of these factors are discovered upon completion of detox, wherein a patient undergoes assessments from clinical intake coordinators to determine what treatment options best suit them.

Each client is assigned a personal therapist with individual sessions taking place in the morning. More supports are given throughout the day, from group therapy sessions and visits with a psychiatrist should there be any incidences of dual diagnoses in a particular patient. 12 Step meetings take place at the facility as well.

Cornerstone also offers a Family Services program so that loved ones and family members can also begin to recover from the trauma and stress that a loved one’s addiction might have caused them.

Being in such proximity to all of the five boroughs, and readily accessible by any and all means of transportation, family visits are standard features of the inpatient program at Cornerstone. But they may also be asked to join in at various counseling sessions by the counselor in charge of your program.

Holistic approaches to treating addiction are also available at Cornerstone which is keeping in line with its innovative spirit and its multidisciplinary staff. Patients participate in physical activities aimed at reducing their stress, lowering their incidences of depression and regulating mood disorders.

Back to the Five Boroughs

Although outpatient services are not given at Cornerstone, former patients can avail themselves of follow-up sessions with their counselors, regular attendance at 12 Step meetings and be given referrals to other local outpatient programs.

Cornerstone Fresh Meadows is a serious program that offers its patients highly skilled staff and modernized facilities that have been brought up to date to serve those struggling with addiction and co-occurring disorders.

Cost for 28 days: $14,000

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