Cooper Fellowship Inc. Rehab Review: Building a Foundation

  1. Cooper Fellowship Inc Review

The Cooper Fellowship Inc. rehab center in Santa Ana, California has been treating substance abuse since 1979. It advertises itself as no-nonsense program that offers little to no perks for the individuals enrolled in their inpatient residential program.

This proclamation of the Cooper Fellowship Inc. back-to-basics philosophy is not meant to be a detriment. The Cooper Fellowship Inc. has an incredibly loyal following from its previous residents who sing the praises of the program.

Back to Basics

In addition to being highly praised by its former patients, the Cooper Fellowship program has been the highest rated recovery program in Orange County for three years in a row. The Cooper Fellowship program works under contract to Orange County and it provides substance abuse treatment to those funneled into rehab by court-order.

But despite the clientele it services, the Cooper Fellowship tries its best to treat its clients with dignity and respect. To look at it from the outside, you would not think the Cooper Fellowship Inc. residence is where a drug rehabilitation program is housed.

Located on a quiet, suburban street that features other middle-class homes and lined with palm trees, the Cooper Fellowship Inc. home has close to 70-beds that it offers to its inpatient residents. The Cooper Fellowship Inc. because of its contractual obligations does not provide outpatient services to the public.  

Residents live two to a room. Rooms are semi-private, and men and women live in different parts of the house.

Meals come three times a day and are prepared onsite by the house staff. The house offers residents a backyard pool for recreation, as well as an exercise room.   

Starting Again

The Cooper Fellowship house does not currently have any detox facilities on the premises. Any residents requiring withdrawal supervision or care get referred to another location.

Treatment options at the Cooper Fellowship house follow a very straightforward track. Residents get put into the Mixed Model curriculum of treatment that combines 12-Step meetings with cognitive behavioral therapy.

Residents also receive counseling, both individually and in group settings. Staff at the house consists of trained drug and addiction counselors and registered nurses who provide 24-hour care and supervision.  

All treatment plans get designed around a resident’s particular needs, so each resident gets the best care possible, although counselors and staff make adjustments to plans as they progress. Inpatient residential stays can last for a minimum of 28-days or longer if necessary.

Besides providing their clients with substance abuse treatments, the Cooper Fellowship also takes steps to ensure that their clients do not re-offend. These re-entry services include social and life skills training, job placement opportunities, and intervention services.

Clients also get evaluated for any further psychiatric or medical treatments that may require. Staff at Cooper Fellowship also provide transportation to clients who need to get to medical or probation appointments.

Once residents have completed their inpatient stay, they can also make use of the Cooper Fellowship sober living facilities, also located in Orange County.

The Cooper Fellowship Inc. program offers an alternative to incarceration for people convicted of drug crimes. But instead of taking a punitive stance toward its clients, the Cooper Fellowship program helps those with substance abuse problems by providing a basic treatment plan, as well as helping them learn skills to keep them away from a life of drugs and crime.

Price for 30 days at Cooper Fellowship: $2,000

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