Clermont Recovery Center Rehab Review – Comprehensive Outpatient Care

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Clermont Recovery Center Review

Clermont Recovery Center is an outpatient rehab facility founded thirty years ago in Cincinnati, Ohio in order to help adults and teenagers struggling with substance abuse problems. The center operates under the umbrella of Greater Cincinnati Behavioral Health Services.

Clermont Recovery Center: Treatments, Programs, and Staff

The first step towards recovery at Clermont Recovery Center is a 30-minute over-the-phone interview followed by a two-hour face-to-face assessment. These evaluations are necessary in order to create a highly personalized treatment plan that will accommodate client’s needs.

The two treatment options at the center are:

  1. Outpatient program and
  2. Intensive outpatient program

The primary treatment method for both recovery programs is group therapy that addresses multiple issues including relapse prevention, life skills, and education about addiction. Additionally, treatment for people with dual-diagnosis is also available, as well as medication management and individual counseling sessions. Every therapy session lasts up to 3 hours. Groups meet between one and five times a week, depending on a treatment plan.

Outpatient treatment for teenagers is arranged not to alter their school attendance. Additionally, Clermont Recovery Center cooperates with Clermont County Adolescent Drug Court to provide an alternative to incarceration.

The staff at the center includes licensed addiction counselors.

Facilities and Extras

Intervention programs include Residential Driver Intervention Program designed for people charged for the first time for a DUI; Substance Abuse Risk Reduction Program created to help individuals who are in danger of developing an addiction; and Parent & Adolescent Drug Awareness (PADA) designed to educate parents and children about the addiction.

Prevention program has two modalities:

  • Women outreach—designed to help women who are at risk of substance abuse
  • Youth outreach—provides education and unique programs at schools and housing units

Rules and Regulations

At the admission, clients are obliged to submit a proof regarding household income because services are provided on a sliding fee scale.


Clermont Recovery Center is an outpatient rehab facility that provides support for men, women, and adolescents dealing with addiction. The treatment is mostly based on group therapy. However, individual counseling sessions can be arranged as well as medication management for clients with co-occurring disorders.

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