Clearview Treatment Programs Rehab Review: Continuum of Care

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Clearview is a very good example that the best addiction treatment centers are those run by people who have experienced addiction on their own skin. For over fifteen years, Clearview rehab in Los Angeles, California has been helping men and women to recover from various addiction and mental health issues. A full continuum of care is provided, during which clients are closely monitored and tapered down from the initial level of care.

Clearview Treatment Programs: Treatments, Programs, and Staff

Before entering the treatment, Clearview provides detox services. Since the treatment is very comprehensive and client-oriented, the very beginning is reserved for psychological testing and evaluation, nutrition assessments, and different bio-psycho-social assessments. The Los Angeles treatment center offers residential and outpatient treatments. Family and alumni programs are also important parts of the treatment.

Each treatment option is based on switching between traditional therapies (12-step meetings, individual therapies, group therapies) and experiential therapies (DBT, EMDR, somatic experiencing).

Therapists who specialize in substance abuse and mental health disorder help clients involved in the Clearview’s residential treatment center to make a complete recovery. This treatment option includes a variety of evidence-based therapies, intensive group and individual therapies (CBT, DBT), acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), as well as motivational interviewing.

Residential treatment implies primary residential treatment and residential extended care. Primary treatment is suitable for clients who have just started the recovery process or are in need of greater support than that offered by outpatient or individual therapy programs. This treatment includes detoxification services, and a minimum 30-day stay at the dual diagnosis program.

On the other hand, residential extended care is intended for relapse clients, or for those who feel like they need extra support after the rehab. It essentially provides a connection between residential program and independent living. This way, clients are slowly enrolled in daily life responsibilities with the help of vocational and life skills, and work on developing a relapse prevention plan.

Clearview puts extra effort in finding the treatment suitable for each client, which depends on various factors. This is why their outpatient treatment includes three options, which allow the clients to maintain their daily responsibilities and at the same time get the necessary treatment during the day or evening hours:

  • Day treatment is held seven hours a day, five days a week. Therapy groups, individual DBT, and phone coaching are its essential parts.
  • Intensive Outpatient Treatment (IOP) includes minimum six group meetings per week.
  • Individualized Outpatient Treatment includes two to five groups per week.

Besides former addicts, the Clearview staff includes DBT therapists, personal therapist, life coaches, yoga instructors.

Clearview Treatment Programs: Facilities and Extras

Clearview’s women’s psych treatment house, two co-ed dual diagnosis treatment centers, the day treatment of bipolar disorder facility and the outpatient facility all provide a sense of safety and comfortability for the clients. The women’s and co-ed centers accommodate six residents, while the other two facilities take between twelve and fifteen clients at a time.

The comfort is certainly the result of “Zen flair” décor, and the craftsman-style. The interior is spacious and bright, filled with soothing-colors.

Gourmet chefs and dietitians work together in providing meals which satisfy the nutritional demands of each client.

Clients can use an off-site gym five days per week, and an off-site chiropractic is at service for an additional cost.

The family involvement is supported through a week-long family program, held every six weeks. This is a chance for family members to participate in support groups and gain better understanding of addiction.

Education is promoted and encouraged with vocational services, writing classes, and other educational services.

Rules and Regulations at Clearview Treatment Programs

Clearview’s cost for 30 days is $28,000, but it may vary due to the specific program the client enters and the length of stay. Clearview also has a praise-worthy policy of providing an additional 30 days for clients who relapse, completely free (although this service is available only to those clients who complete 90-days of residential treatment, plus 90-days of outpatient treatment).

Clearview is a partner with Anthem Blue Cross, and successfully cooperates with Blue Cross Blue Shield, United Healthcare, Cigna, etc. All major cards, cashier’s checks, and wire transfer are accepted as payment options.

When entering residential treatment, clients should bring all the necessary bathroom toiletries and clothes for one to two weeks (including workout clothes, as well as both heavy and light coats). Towels and bed sheets are provided by the center, and clients may use the washer and dryer onsite.


Expertise in DBT and evidence-based therapies, continuum of care, and years of proven experience distinguish Clearview from other addiction treatment centers. Guided by the people who went through the same problems and feelings as their clients, Clearview is a trusted partner in addiction and mental health treatment.

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