Chrysalis House Treatment Center Review – Bonding the Families

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The foundation of Chrysalis House connects itself to the growing urge in the 1970s to provide help to more diverse groups of patients than just men. Initiated back then by the Volunteers of America as a halfway house for women recovering from alcoholism, Chrysalis House grew to be the oldest and largest treatment center for women in Kentucky and the whole Commonwealth. Nowadays, Chrysalis House provides a long-term continuum of care through its treatments and support services for women and their children, including both residential and independent living programs.

Chrysalis House: Treatments, Programs, and Staff

Through its main treatment program, Chrysalis House treats pregnant and parenting women for substance abuse, and allows them to keep their children on-site while in residential treatment.  Substance abuse treatment is six months long residential treatment. As such, it includes individual and group therapies, educational courses, twelve-step groups, and community volunteerism.

Once patients reach goals and objectives of the residential treatment, they continue the treatment through independent living. This service lasts for an additional year and includes individual and group therapies, and case management if and when needed. Women must be 18 or older to enter the Chrysalis House treatment, while backgrounds of many of them include low income, victimization, homelessness, co-occurring mental health conditions, limited education and job experience, and most importantly, limited or no access to health services.

In addition to substance abuse and addiction treatments for drugs and alcohol, Chrysalis House also provides its patients with the following services:

  •         mental health treatment and case management
  •         domestic violence counseling
  •         computer training, vocational training and job finding assistance
  •         access to medical care
  •         housing assistance
  •         children’s services

Each woman in Chrysalis House treatment program receives a comprehensive treatment plan based on her needs, and goals and objectives for her recovery. As such, a multi-disciplinary team works with each patient separately. Professional therapists specialized in the integrated treatment of substance abuse, and mental health disorders lead the team, while case managers, registered nurse, domestic violence counselor, housing coordinator and a job readiness coordinator are the remaining members of the team.

Facilities and Extras

Chrysalis House consists of three residential facilities, a forty-unit apartment complex, eighteen scattered-site apartments, a multi-purpose community center, and two playgrounds so that it can conveniently accommodate and treat both mothers and children.

When it comes to extra programs, Chrysalis House is renowned for its Chrysalis Community Art Garden, established by Lexington volunteers, artists, and children of patients attending the treatment. The house incorporates this project into weekly lessons plans, which allows kids to develop their skills while at the same time it enables healthy food to the residents. The purpose of such a project anchors itself in the connection of patients and children with nature, and in the responsibility to the community and environment.

Rules and Regulations at Chrysalis House

As for admission eligibility, women aged 18 or older from all over Kentucky who are dependent on alcohol or drugs can enter treatment programs at Chrysalis House. While there is no admission fee, all patients must complete a SNAP application for food stamps, which will be used to provide meals for women while they are in residential treatment. Clients will pay fees only once they find employment in the form of a 30% of their gross income as a contribution for their room. Residential living ranges from 5 to 9 months, while independent living usually ranges from 9 months up to a whole year.

When it comes to children, newborns and those under two years old can stay with mothers full time, while older ones can spend nights and weekends, so it doesn’t interfere with mother’s participation in the program, or a child’s school attendance. Additionally, depending on the progress, clients can leave the program for 4 hours per day, 12 hours per one weekend each month, or24 hours each month. Patients can use laptops and cell phones during free time. Moneywise, patients must not be having more than $20 at any time.


It is for a good reason that Chrysalis House keeps its reputation as the oldest and largest treatment center for addicted women and their children in Kentucky. Through multidisciplinary approach and inclusive philosophy, Chrysalis house nurtures mom and kids by, as their motto says, building a community, one family at a time.

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