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The beginnings of Christian Farms-Tree House date back in 1970, when it was a Bible-based program for men. Today, it provides long-term residential treatment for men and women who struggle with substance abuse, based on Christian and 12-step principles. Located in Temple, Texas, CFTH is licensed by the Texas Department of State Health Services. By providing counseling, education and aftercare planning, this treatment center supports the spiritual growth of each resident.

Christian Farms-Tree House: Treatments, Programs and Staff

Before admission, all clients must undergo a physical and psychological assessment. This is a very important step in determining whether the clients are medically and mentally stable and whether they have a primary diagnosis of substance abuse.

Medically supervised detox is addressed with a doctor through off-site appointments facilitated by CFTH. As for the program’s duration, there are 30, 60 and 90-day options. The key parts of any treatment involve 12-step meetings, group therapy, spiritual work and life skills classes. Most clients start to follow the 12 steps with a sponsor, while at the same time receiving spiritual guidance from chaplains, through Church and Bible study.

The addiction treatment process in CFTH doesn’t deal only with solving current problems, but it also creates a long-lasting foundation for handling future challenges. One of the ways to do so is through education groups, which focuses on parenting skills, goal setting and relapse prevention. Clients learn about the triggers, causes, effects and consequences of substance abuse. There are also anger management and domestic violence support groups which help clients to learn, develop and establish healthy boundaries and communication skills.

The staff includes LCDCs, counselor trainees and interns who provide a constant supervision and carefully supervise each treatment.

Christian Farm-Tree House: Facilities and Extras

CFTH offers treatment for both men and women, but the programs are gender separated across the 13-acre property. The dorms accommodate 24 clients in bunk beds, but there are also some semi-private rooms.

Library and exercise room are the places where clients can relax. The dorms are equipped with TVs, but no personal electrical devices are allowed. Each resident has certain chores like doing their own laundry and prepare meals. Dietary restrictions can be accommodated and no energy drinks are allowed because of the importance of proper diet.

Medical and social services are provided in the facilities nearby, and the transport to them is provided if needed.

Rules and Regulations in Christian Farm Tree-House

Clients are admitted only if they are at least 18 years of age, medically and mentally stable and with a primary diagnosis of chemical dependency. If pregnant, due date must be a minimum of three months after anticipated discharge date. Urinalysis is mandatory.

The cost of intensive treatment is $4500 per month and for Supportive Treatment the cost is $4000 per month. Payments are accepted in form of cash, check, money order, Visa, MasterCard and Discover Card.


This treatment center is the right choice for those who truly want to get back on track. Though faith-based programs do not suit everyone, the strict rules and expectations may result in strengthening of body and soul, and a complete healing process. Also, techniques for avoiding substance abuse triggers are developed and maintained. Reaching a complete sobriety is guaranteed for those who follow and respect Christian Farms Tree House policy.

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