Cheyenne Center Rehab Review: A Men’s Only Rehab in Houston

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The Cheyenne Center opened in 1996, and since then it has been serving men with addiction and dual diagnosis disorders in both inpatient and outpatient formats. The Cheyenne Center is located in northern Houston.

A Tough Beginning

The Cheyenne Center is a state-funded rehab. It has contracts with the Texas Department of Justice and federal courts to accept individuals into treatment as an alternative to incarceration for drug and alcohol offenses.

With that said, the Cheyenne Center does offer treatment for everyone, in a residential setting, as well as through an outpatient location. The Cheyenne Center facility consists of two separate buildings.

The living units, which number 120, take up the northern section of the property. The administrative offices, as well as the main entrance and communal areas are located on the eastern wing of the property.

Residences hold four people to a room. Residents sleep on bunk beds and share a bathroom located in each room. There is a large, communal dining facility with a country-western decor.

A recreation and parking area stand between the two central buildings. There is a fenced-off pool area within this central hub of the compound. .

The complex has kitchen facilities that serve residents all their meals. There are day rooms within the various buildings and other recreation areas with fitness amenities, reading materials and TVs.

Never Going Back

There are no detox facilities at The Cheyenne Center. No matter whether they are there voluntarily or by order of the court, all residents at the Cheyenne Center follow a strict regimen. Room cleanliness is mandatory. All beds must be made by 8:30 in the morning. Random drug tests are another feature of the residential program.

The residential program typically runs for the standard 28-days. There is an extended-care option for those who have completed the first residential track that can go for an extra 60 to 90-days.

Treatment times and commitments are also tightly controlled. Residents must attend at least three AA or NA meetings a week. Clients with dual diagnosis disorders receive added therapy sessions to complement their regular chemical dependency treatments.

Residents in the lower-tiered program must attend a total of six hours of therapy a week. Intensive program participants must attend a total of twenty hours of treatment and addiction education classes.

Treatment options run from 12-Step meetings, individual counseling sessions as well as group sessions. Cognitive behavioral therapy is also a treatment modality at the Cheyenne Center. Drug counselors at the Cheyenne Center also help you craft an aftercare program for when you have left rehab.

Learning New Lessons

Outpatient programs consist of an 18-week commitment with meetings and therapy sessions taking place two times a week. The outpatient program emphasizes relapse prevention techniques as well as family involvement to help you avoid any addiction triggers.

While the treatment options at the Cheyenne Center may not be cutting-edge in terms of addiction treatment, the highly structured and regimented environment may be what sets the Cheyenne Center apart from other rehabs.

Price for 30 days at Cheyenne Center: $5,000

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