Charlotte Rescue Mission Treatment Center Rehab Review – Transforming Lives

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Charlotte in North Carolina is proud to borrow its name to a facility which treats people from addiction – Charlotte Rescue Mission. This residential treatment center provides services to both men and women who struggle with addiction and homelessness. With over 75 years of experience, CRM treats adults through a Christianity-based approach and by incorporating 12-step meetings.

Charlotte Rescue Mission: Treatments, Programs, and Staff

Charlotte Rescue Mission has gender-specific facilities – Dove’s Nest and Rebound. The treatment in these facilities is available for free, and the addiction treatment process is intended for individuals who are 18 years or older.

At the very beginning of the treatment, each resident undergoes an interview and a full drug and alcohol screening. Dove’s Nest treatment lasts for 120 days, while the Rebound program is usually completed in 90 days.

Rebound is modeled according to the 12-step Alcoholic Anonymous curriculum, but with one important difference – providing clinical substance abuse counseling within a Christian context. This led to an increase in the program completion rates  (twice the national average). After 30 days of intense counseling and education, the rest of the treatment is continued with individual counseling, instruction, and training.

Rebound graduates have several opportunities for continued support. One of them is Learning Empowerment Advancement Program (L.E.A.P), which focuses on educational and vocational training. The 90-day extension program focuses on securing stable employment. The Halfway House serves men who completed the Rebound program but still need an affordable transitional living accommodation. Halfway House Residents are required to attend church, remain active in AA or NA group, and actively participate in group counseling sessions with a Recovery Counselor.

Dove’s Nest Rescue Mission program started in 1992 as a 12-bed residential home in Dilworth. Today, it is a 120-bed facility which welcomes mothers with children and focuses on spiritual, social, and psychological recovery. After the 120-day intensive program, residents may decide to participate in an eight-month extension of the continuing care division. The program is entirely women-specific, with staff dealing with all women’s issues – mental, emotional, physical and sexual abuse. There is also a special team ready to assist with issues specific to mothers and their children.

Because addiction greatly affects family of the addict, and not just him/her, the Dove’s Nest families program allows women to bring their children to the treatment. Dove’s Nest accommodates up to 10 mothers and 30 children ages 3 to 11. The holistic approach helps in treating addiction by addressing the person’s mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, and vocational needs. Children also receive clinical care, and credentialed counselors work with the mother and the child.

Aftercare is also provided to women. After graduating from Dove’s Nest program, they can continue to live there up to nine months. During the aftercare period, they practice job readiness skills and are provided with help in finding permanent housing.

Residents of Rebound and Dove’s Nest see their individual therapist once a week. The majority of time is spent in group therapy and classroom settings, where sober living, relapse prevention and the disease of addiction are discussed and lectured. Biblical studies are also a part of the treatment curriculum.

Family visits are allowed, but only with the approval of the family counselor. The counselor may encourage family members to attend Alanon meetings and therapy sessions.

Staff members include CSACs, Master’s level therapists. On-site staff is available round the clock.

Facilities and Extras

Residential treatment at Dove’s Nest offers accommodation to 80 women and ten mothers, while Rebound accommodates 132 men in 6-bed shared rooms. Both facilities are placed on a large campus and offer dormitory-style lodgings. Communal areas are equipped with large, comfortable couches and TV-s.

All clients may use an on-site gym and workout by lifting weights, using treadmills and stationary bikes. Unlike women, men are required to use the gym during their hour of physical activity four days a week. Although it’s not mandatory for women to use the gym, they are encouraged to do so or to attend yoga and Zumba classes.

Full-time kitchen staff prepares freshly cooked meals, served in a cafeteria. Three full meals with acknowledging any relevant dietary restrictions are served.

Rules and Regulations at Charlotte Rescue Mission

Charlotte Rescue Mission is completely funded by private donors and offers free services. The organization receives and distributes large donations of clothing and other goods directly to those in need, and also receives donations of food and supplies.

The primary requirement for admission to the Rebound Program is that the individual seeking admission – call for himself.


Charlotte Rescue Mission is a North Carolina non-profit organization, which provides a free intensive chemical rehabilitation for homeless men and women through implementing Christian principles and the 12-step philosophy. Since 1938, Charlotte Rescue Mission helps people who struggle with their addiction to achieve long-term sobriety, find employment and stable housing.

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