Chandler Valley Hope Rehab Review: In The Valley of Healing

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Chandler Valley Hope Rehab Review: Finding Hope in Arizona

The Chandler Valley Hope rehab center is located in Chandler, Arizona and is part of the larger Valley Hope network. The Valley Hope network opened in 1965 in the small town of Norton, Kansas and since then has expanded to have a presence in seven states across the Midwest.

Treating You

Chandler Valley Hope offers detoxification services and inpatient residential treatment as well as outpatient services to both men and women looking for drug rehabilitation treatment. Chandler Valley Hope began operating in Chandler, a suburb of Phoenix, in 1986.

The facility has 55-beds for both men and women, all of whom are 18 years and older. Inpatient residents entering Chandler Valley Hope for a prolonged stay can undergo a medically supervised detox should they require it.

Detoxification at Chandler Valley Hope begins with a complete physical given by medical staff. From there, detox can consist of medication assisted treatment should a patient need help managing their withdrawal symptoms.

The medical staff is on-hand 24-7 to monitor your progress. Detox can last for as long as it is necessary but typically lasts for a week, at the most.

The aim of all detox programs is getting you ready to step-down to a more consistent and focused level of treatment, whether in an inpatient or outpatient format. The same goes for Chandler Valley Hope.

A Plan For Each Patient

The staff at Chandler Valley Hope helps you create a personalized treatment plan based on the three different aspects of a person most affected by addiction: the physical, the emotional and the spiritual. The staff is made up of a wide variety of professionals from addiction counselors and psychologists to pastoral advisors and nutritionists.

Each inpatient stay can last for anywhere between 17-30 days. Chandler Valley Hope, however, recommends the full 30-day program for maximum effectiveness.

No matter the contents of their individualized plans, all patients receive at least 40 hours of therapy during the week. These 40 hours can be made up of individual or group counseling. Regular meetings with a pastor or chaplain can also round out the 40 hours.

Since a stable home life and family structure are important to help achieve and maintain sobriety, Chandler Valley Hope offers patients and their loved ones the opportunity to attend family therapy sessions.

Medication can also help during a residential treatment program. Any patients who might be deemed to benefit from them will receive them. Medicine combined with behavioral therapy are also part of the treatment options available to inpatient residents at Chandler Valley Hope.

Patients are also encouraged to attend off-site 12 Step meetings to shore up their treatment scheme. The 12 Step approach is also a fundamental part of maintaining sobriety after rehab.

Recovery Decided by You

Outpatient services at Chandler Valley Hope can also be an option for those seeking treatment for substance abuse problems. The Intensive Outpatient Program at Chandler Valley Hope consists of a six-week program, with sessions taking place three times a week.

For those who have left the inpatient program, Chandler Valley Hope hosts group sessions that you can attend for as long as wish to attend. Former residents can share advice and support with a focus toward avoiding relapses and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Chandler Valley Hope takes an approach to treating substance abuse that espouses fundamentals, like medication assisted treatment and the 12 Step philosophy. Apart from these two pillars of recovery, Chandler Valley Hope does not offer much in the way of alternative therapies.

Whatever the case may be though, Chandler Valley Hope lets you decide for yourself whether or not you are serious about your recovery. If you decide that you are, then they are ready to help you.

Price for 30-day program at Chandler Valley Hope: $9,000-$15,000.

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