Cenikor Waco Treatment Center Rehab Review: Long-Term Support

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Cenikor Waco Review

Cenikor is an addiction treatment facility founded back in 1967 in Colorado by inmates who wanted to put addiction problems among them to an end. For the last fifty years, it has been offering inpatient, outpatient, and detox services for teenagers and adults in Texas and Louisiana.

The clinic in Waco was opened in 2012 and offers inpatient rehabilitation program and medically supervised detox. The center is located in a 15,000 square feet building that used to be a hospital. The capacity of the residence is 56 beds. Clients stay in shared rooms with twin beds. Common area with a TV and workout room is also available.

Meals and snacks are served in a cafeteria-style.

Cenikor Waco: Treatments, Programs, and Staff

The first step towards recovery is detoxication. Cenikor Waco provides inpatient and outpatient medically supervised detox. Within outpatient detox service clients are provided with a medical exam, medications in order to ease withdrawal symptoms, individualized treatment plan, counseling, and AA meetings. Medically-assisted opioid replacement therapy is also available for people struggling with heroin addiction.

Inpatient detox service includes medical supervision, vital signs monitoring, and 24-hour medical care. Medications can be provided if needed. After the stabilization, the client can enroll an inpatient program.

Cenikor treatment center in Waco provides its clients with short-term inpatient rehabilitation. This program includes initial assessment, counseling (individual and group), family therapy and education, as well as life skills training.

Cenikor Waco: Facilities and Extras

During their free time, residents of Cenikor Waco can attend Bible studies, workout at the gym located on-site, or go bowling off-site.

There are 12 different Cenikor facilities in the state of Texas. Some of them include adult rehabilitation, rehab for teenagers, long-term inpatient program, and detox.

During the rehabilitation process, family members are invited to attend educational seminars about addiction and the impact it has on the entire family.

When a short-term rehab is over, the client can move to the facility for a long-term stay, this program lasts for two years and requires full-time employment.

Rules and Regulations in Cenikor Waco

The rules in the Cenikor are very strict. Closed shoes must be worn in the facility. Fictional books are forbidden, only faith-based literature is allowed. Also, residents are not allowed to wear expensive jewelry, use mobile phones or other electronic devices, drink alcohol, or smoke tobacco.

Every day residents wake up early, have breakfast and attend group meetings. After lunch, they continue with their meetings and counseling sessions. In the evening, after dinner, clients attend 12-step meetings. They also have a little free time to watch TV before bedtime.

When it comes to price, 30-day stay in Cenikor Waco costs $18,000.


Cenikor is an addiction with a long tradition in helping struggling addicts. It provides its clients with short-term and long-term inpatient rehab program, inpatient and outpatient detox services, as well as outpatient rehabilitation.

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