Cedar Lodge Rehab Review: A Tight-Knit Rehab in Alabama

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Cedar Lodge Review

Cedar Lodge is the inpatient residential program of the Mountain Lakes Behavioral Healthcare system. Mountain Lakes has locations all over Alabama providing a variety of substance abuse and mental health treatments.

The Cedar Lodge rehab center sits on a lonely stretch of highway in the blink-and-you’ll-miss-it town of Guntersville, Alabama. Mountain Lakes Behavioral Health has been in operation in Alabama for almost 30 years.

A Community Rehab

The Cedar Lodge facility itself is at the end of a wooded lane, off of the highway. The residential program is short-term and aims to bring patients down from any acute psychiatric or substance abuse emergency they are experiencing.

Cedar Lodge accepts anyone over the age of 18, both men and women. There are residential living facilities on premises, such as laundry facilities and short-term accommodations, which consist of twin beds in each room.

Residents who wish to have private accommodations can pay an extra $4520 for the privilege, should they be available at the time. All entrants to Cedar Lodge must pay a $300 non-refundable admission fee.

Anyone entering the program must bring their own toiletries, sheets, pillows, and towels. Residents are also encouraged to bring cash in small denominations, preferably coins, if they wish to use the vending machines.

There is a cook onsite who prepares daily meals for residents. Any dietary restrictions or concerns must be reported to either the counselor or the cook.

A High-Intensity Program

Cedar Lodge does not accept intoxicated patients. All entrants to the residential program must be sober for at least 72 hours before they arrive at Cedar Lodge. Incoming patients receive assessments to best determine their current physical and mental health status.

Treatment at Cedar Lodge combines various options that go beyond just substance abuse treatment. Given that many residents get referred to Cedar Lodge by other agencies, especially law enforcement and hospital emergency departments, they require more than just therapy and 12-Step meetings.

Residents receive individualized treatment plans. Most days are filled with individual and group therapy sessions, as well as the aforementioned 12-Step meetings.

But in addition to these traditional therapies, residents receive life skills training, job search training, as well as being taught coping and anger management skills. Vocational training is also provided to those looking to learn new trade skills.

Residents can also avail themselves of GED classes offered onsite. Counselors at Cedar Lodge can also help you apply for social assistance benefits should you need them. There are also preventative measures that Cedar Lodge to stem the tide of future substance abusers.

These preventative measures include addiction education classes taught to younger students or those who have already fallen through the cracks. Children learn the value of self-esteem and respect for others. Adults are also taught about addiction and any other co-occurring disorders they might experience.

Mountain Lakes Behavioral Health also provides comprehensive outpatient services that run the range from drug, alcohol and family counseling, to round-the-clock crisis intervention services to mental health evaluations.

Cedar Lodge may not be anything special to look at, but their presence in an economically challenged area like Guntersville means that those most desperate of people can get help for their addiction or mental health condition.

Price for 21 days at Cedar Lodge : based on sliding scale or between $0-$4,080

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