Cathy’s House Rehab Review: Making You Responsible

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Cathy's House Review

Cathy’s House is a sober living facility in Medina, Ohio that boasts a staff full of non-professionals. All the staff at Cathy’s House have been in recovery for a long time, and they act as mentors to new residents.

Cathy’s House first began as a men-only rehab residence in 1988. It has served over 500 men since it started. Cathy’s House does not offer any medical or psychological counseling since it is strictly an abstinence-based program.

Helping You Help Yourself

The beginning of Cathy’s House was a tragic one. Following the death of a loved one to alcohol abuse at a young age, the family of the deceased decided to start a program that would help prevent such tragedies in the future.

Cathy’s House is a simple white and gray, clapboard house. The interiors can look a little out of date, with mismatched furniture and curtains, but it isn’t the design plan you are there to see.

The men’s facility can house up to nine or ten people at a time. The women’s facility opened in 2013, right next to the men’s wing, and has space for six women. Any potential residents who cannot pay the monthly rent at Cathy’s House do not get turned away.

Both the men and women’s facility feature rec rooms with TVs (although the TVs are off-limits during the day) and a pool table. There is a library at both houses as well for men and women to get some quiet time.

Residents cook all their meals and can get help with groceries and transportation needs from the live-in house manager. There is also a weight room in the men’s house.

Living by the Rules

The rules that residents live by at Cathy’s House, as is the case with most sober living homes, are not only rules to live by. They also help people in recovery bring a little stability and order into their lives.

And since no professional or medical treatment is offered at Cathy’s House, the rules can also be a form of treatment for residents by helping them re-learn responsibility and accountability. In addition to a close adherence to the house rules, residents at Cathy’s House must also follow a strict schedule given to them by house staff.

Residents at Cathy’s House can get referred to the residence by the county, or by drug courts or by local drug addiction counselors who feel their patients could benefit from the sober living facility. Potential residents must be 18 years old and over, pass different background checks and sign a release for random drug tests.

Cathy’s House does not offer detox services, so any potential clients must be sober for at least three days. Once residents have gotten the approval to stay from the director, they can finally move into the residence.

All residents must, if they do not already have a job, must actively be seeking one when they are living in the facility. Active participation in the 12-Step fellowship is also a requirement of all Cathy’s House residents. Residents must have an AA or NA sponsor within three days of moving into the house.

A resident’s typical day begins early in the morning. Everyone gets assigned chores to do around the house, so they start doing those chores in the morning. All residents must leave the house before 8 AM so after their chores are done, and after eating breakfast residents either go to work or go out to look for a job.

After they return in the afternoon, residents have dinner with all other house members and then go offsite to an AA or NA meeting. They return from their meeting, have a little relaxation time and then go to sleep to repeat the same schedule.  

Cathy’s House offers a very straightforward solution to drug and alcohol addiction. It offers the structure and order that has been missing from people’s lives, but not much else.

A more integrated program might better serve anyone with a dual diagnosis disorder or someone struggling with an opioid addiction. But anyone who needs to learn a little discipline would be well-served by the controlled environment offered by Cathy’s House.

Price for 30 days at Cathy’s House: $300

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