Caron Renaissance Rehab Review: A Rehab For Long-Lasting Change

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The Caron Renaissance drug rehab center in Boca Raton, Florida takes credit for being the pioneer in treating not only chemical dependency issues but also co-occurring disorders with the latest therapeutic techniques. It has also been recognized as the innovator behind long-term treatment models that see patients live in a separate facility while receiving treatment.

Road to Recovery

The Caron Renaissance substance abuse and co-occurring disorders treatment program is one of many nationwide programs offered under the Caron Treatment Center umbrella. Caron’s central facility is located in Pennsylvania.

The Caron Renaissance location primarily treat adolescents and adults suffering from chemical dependency. But they also treat those who are struggling with the psychological components of addiction, namely a dual diagnosis.

Treatments at Caron Renaissance consist of a long-term inpatient residential model that sees patients housed in same-sex quarters that are under constant supervision. There are over 120 beds at Caron Renaissance. Since it is a long-term treatment facility, typically stays go from 90-days and onward.

There are no detox facilities at Caron Renaissance, but should a patient require withdrawal assistance, Caron Renaissance refers them to local healthcare providers that should be able to help with detox. Caron Renaissance takes a more psychological approach in dealing with substance abuse.

Incoming patients are given a wide variety of psychological and physical assessments from a variety of different perspectives to determine what treatments options would best suit them. The assessments also help in identifying any underlying character anomalies that may be causing or feeding a person’s addiction.

A key component of Caron Renaissance’s treatment philosophy stresses the amount of responsibility a patient must take to overcome their addiction. The long-term model makes room for significant growth on the part of the patient. Their developmental growth is encouraged by the communal living aspect of the residential program.

Having to share a residence with many people undergoing the same treatments means that patients must learn to build healthy and mutually-fulfilling relationships. Peer support groups offer patients the chance to feel supported and listened to so that they can ultimately make honest self-assessments about their self-destructive behaviors.

Your Rebirth

Typical treatment days at Caron Renaissance sees patients move through a variety of different treatment options. Group and individual counseling take up a large part of the day. There are also educational courses designed at helping you better understand your addiction.

These courses help foster a sense of self-examination on the part of the patient. The clinical staff at Caron Renaissance, have been trained in a wide variety of disciplines from addiction medicine to wellness therapies.

The staff are always on hand to push you toward becoming a more responsible and mature person. They achieve this by slowly and cautiously challenging the behaviors that you learned when you were using.

Family therapy sessions are also available. Patients and their loved ones must choose to take part in Caron Renaissance’s residential family restructuring.

This option sees family members accompany the patient for a stay of two weeks. They then become involved in therapy sessions that try to address any number of dysfunctions in the family, from communication problems to grief and loss issues.

For any patients that may benefit from it, Caron Renaissance offers what is known as neurofeedback therapy. The therapy attempts to measure and then ultimately help regulate any abnormal brain activity that negatively affects a patient’s mood or behavior.

The Bridge to Sobriety

Once you have met your recovery goals, Caron Renaissance then helps you begin the process of rejoining your friends and families as well as society as a whole. The Caron Renaissance transitional living program engages you in either vocational training or helps your educational career get back on track through their Collegiate Recovery Services.

Academic advisers work together with your primary care counselors to help you start or continue taking classes at any educational institutions that you were enrolled in before you entered rehab.

The Caron Renaissance Treatment Center takes a long-view approach to your recovery. The longer inpatient stays allow for a variety of different treatment options to be utilized.

It also means that you have time to transform. The goal of Caron Renaissance is to get you to understand your personality and character and then make the changes necessary to achieve and maintain sobriety.

Price for 30 days at Caron Renaissance: $15,000

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