The Camp Recovery Center Rehab Review: Learning the Ropes

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The Camp Recovery Center Review

The Camp Recovery Center has been treating addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders in teens and adults for over 30 years. The Camp Recovery Center fully utilizes its natural setting by physically challenging it clients with outdoor and adventure activities.

Apart from the allure of its natural setting, the Camp Recovery Center also offers it clients evidence-based as well as holistic therapies to help them overcome addiction and mental health problems. The Camp Recovery Center is a full-service rehab center with detox, inpatient and outpatient options available to all incoming patients.

Recovery to Life

Ensconced in an idyllic forest in the Santa Cruz mountains, surrounding Scotts Valley, California, The Camp Recovery Center first opened its doors in 1984.

The Camp Recovery Center covers almost 25-acres of prime, untouched redwood forest. Inpatient residents stay in cabins separated by age and different genders. Cabins embody the homeyness and insulating feel of the woods, with their wood furnishings and decor.

Physical activity is a mainstay at the Camp Recovery Center. There are basketball and tennis courts for clients to use. Yoga is practiced on a daily basis, both as an elective options and as part of treatment plans.

Walking trails, along with an outdoor swimming pool can also be used by residents, during their free time. When not in treatment, residents can watch movies, congregate together in many of the common areas or enjoy a supervised excursion to any of the nearby national parks or beaches.

Through the Looking Glass

All patients at The Camp receive in-depth assessments from counselors and medical staff to determine the best treatment track for their needs. The Camp offers detox facilities at its property with medical staff on-hand twenty-four hours a day to help with withdrawal symptoms.

Inpatient treatment stays for both adolescents and adults usually run for 30 days, with the option of more time added on if a patient needs it. Residents can then be referred to The Camp’s outpatient facilities and participate in the alumni recovery network that The Camp provides for all its graduates.

Adolescents enrolled at The Camp for inpatient residential treatment lodge at The Camp’s juvenile facility, Meadow Lodge. Treatment days for both teens and adults begin at seven in the morning.

Days consist of several group meetings. There are also individual sessions where residents get counseling from personal therapists. Topics such as gender and addiction education are touched on, as well cognitive behavioral readjustment that get residents to better understand the connection between their thoughts, beliefs, and actions.

Inpatient residents also attend regular 12-Step meetings. And later, family members may join their loved one for therapy sessions during the Camp’s family weekend program.

Adolescent patients receive academic instruction as well, while in treatment. Teens also have the added treatment option of working in The Camp’s Serenity Garden where they can plant, cultivate and harvest fruits and vegetables as a therapeutic exercise.

Holistic treatment plays a significant role in The Camp’s treatment philosophy. Patients participate in expressive therapy classes, with residents performing skits dealing with addiction and recovery, as well as watching films that deal with substance abuse and then writing short essays on how those stories relate to their personal struggles.

Staying the Course

Adolescents and adults can transition to the outpatient programs also offered by The Camp. Two locations, in San Jose and Scotts Valley, serve inpatient graduates for various lengths of time, depending on how much of treatment is needed.

Patients undergo assessments once again and can commit to around four to twelve weeks of further treatment sessions. Treatment features include managing withdrawal symptoms, relapse prevention instruction, and further study of the 12-Program.

The Camp also encourages participation in its alumni program as a part of comprehensive aftercare. Recent graduates can connect with alumni to receive advice and support on how to stay sober.

The Camp Recovery Center is an adventure in recovery. Its majestic setting offers seclusion, privacy, and quiet to receive quality treatment from a team with over 30 years of experience. The variety of treatment schemes as well as holistic treatments and, again, the beauty of the property itself guarantees a thorough and relaxing program.

Price for 30 days at The Camp Recovery Center: $12,500

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