Calvary Healing Center Rehab Review: Rehab That Heals With Faith

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Calvary Healing Center Review

Spread out over four locations in Phoenix, Arizona Calvary Healing Center provides its clients inpatient as well as outpatient treatments at its quiet, sun-baked location that is the ideal distraction-free environment for people to begin their recovery.

Its desert setting evokes the kinds of struggles that people face when battling their addiction but also helps give Calvary a religious tint since their approach to treating addiction has many different spiritual elements to it.

A Struggle in the Sun

Started in 1964 the Calvary treatment model has its basis in treating the whole person. Meaning it strives to address the physical, emotional, as well as spiritual needs of their clients through the programs that it offers.

Their central treatment facility houses the medically supervised detox facility as well as the accommodations that are used by their inpatient clients. Given its size and location, the inpatient program can comfortably accommodate 50 people at any one time.

There is plenty of emptiness around the residences to wander and take in the Arizona sun while you are not in therapy. Guests who need a break from all the heat can take a dip the pool on premises or play a game of volleyball if they are feeling up to it.

There are 18 beds reserved especially for patients going through withdrawal. Medical staff with over 30 years of experience in treating addiction oversee the detox facility. Patients who are in need of detoxification receive daily checkups from doctors and nurses and can also participate in group therapy sessions.

Inpatient treatment at Calvary has two different tiers. One offers the standard application of the 12 Steps along with individual counseling and starts with the necessary medical and psychiatric evaluations. Afterward, residents can avail themselves of addiction and relapse education classes as well partake in more holistic treatments like yoga or acupuncture.

The other inpatient option is faith-based. It also involves 12 Step meetings but has a more thorough biblical component added so that residents can more fully explore the negative spiritual effects their addictions had not only on them but their loved ones.

There is an on-site pastor who guides participants through daily prayer and bible study groups while also working-in components of the 12 Steps that may be applicable. Patients are also able to work through some of their emotional turmoil with educational classes that focus on relieving feelings of guilt or shame and the importance of seeking forgiveness.

Finding Redemption

The 30-day inpatient program at Calvary is for the most severe cases, but there are also partial hospitalizations and outpatient treatment services available through Calvary’s other locations across Phoenix. Partial hospitalization stays usually require six hours of treatment during the day which include group therapy, addiction education and meetings with doctors and therapists. Recreational therapies like equine therapy and fitness classes are also part of the treatment.

The Calvary Outpatient Program is for people not needing the extensive treatments offered to inpatient residents but who do need strategies and support to help them overcome their addiction issues. There are flexible hours and times for appointments and working with recovery specialists you will be able to construct a relapse prevention plan to help you through your time, not in therapy.

Rising Again

Young people between the ages of 18-25 make up almost 50% of Calvary’s clientele. To this end, they have a dedicated youth program that takes into account family input and allows family members into therapy sessions to best help any young person struggling with addiction.

Having been in operation for over 50 years, the Calvary Healing Center is experienced and well-versed in treating addiction problems not only in adults but adolescents as well. They have managed to incorporate more spiritual and Christian aspects into their treatment programs but also offer the standard pillars of addiction treatment.

Several locations around Phoenix allows Calvary to provide a continuum of care that has set them apart for all these years and all the years to come.

Price for 30 days: $15,000

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