Burning Tree Treatment Center Rehab Review: Strict Approach

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Burning Tree Review

Burning Tree is substance abuse treatment center founded by David Elliott in 1999. The center is located on two separate properties in Austin.

Burning Tree is a long-term rehab facility with a strict regime and schedule designed for relapse prevention. The facility near Dallas has the capacity to accommodate 36 clients, while the one in Elgin provides a temporary home for 30 patients. In both facilities, individuals share their rooms with a roommate.

There is no chef on-site, so patients have to prepare their own meals with the help of a staff member.

Burning Tree: Treatments, Programs, and Staff

Before admission to the Burning Tree, clients have to undergo a detox somewhere else, because the center does not provide this service. The facility does not encourage methadone or suboxone therapy. Therefore, these medications are never prescribed. Psychiatric medications can be administered under strict supervision.

The staff addresses the issue of co-occurring disorders such as PTSD, ADHD, and mood disorders. These conditions are treated with evidence-based practices including EMDR, neurofeedback, and cognitive-behavioral therapy. However, the base of the treatment approach is 12-step philosophy and the Big Book.

The rehabilitation is divided into two phases. Before entering the phase number 2, clients have to demonstrate their motivation and commitment. Needless to say, the first phase is much stricter than the rest of the treatment.

Facilities and Extras

Neurofeedback therapy has shown beneficial for many conditions including addiction, anxiety, depression, attention deficit disorder, autism, seizures, and much more. The Burning Tree center uses this technique to treat addiction. The method of application includes sensors that are placed on a client’s scalp. The patient then watches his or her brain waves on a monitor and controls them to reach the desired brainwave.

Clients can also enjoy a swimming pool, garden, and basketball court.

Recreational activities in the Burning Tree include yoga, massages, and exercising at the gym. During the phase 2, residents are allowed to spend their free time off-campus.

Rules and Regulations in Burning Tree

Daily schedule at the Burning Tree is very strict and controlled. Patients are obligated to attend group counseling and 12-step meetings. Books and music are confiscated at the admission if they are not according to the center’s standards. Clients are allowed to watch TV only on weekends, while the internet is forbidden. Two phone calls a week, five minutes each are permitted. One phone call has to be with a sponsor and the other one with a family member. Additionally, doing house chores is a part of a daily routine.

The family program is mandatory which ensures family involvement in the recovery process.


Burning Tree provides a strict regime for clients who are dealing with substance abuse problems. Some of the services this facility offers include inpatient treatment, dual diagnosis treatment, relapse prevention, neurofeedback therapy, and continuing care. If you or your loved one is a chronic relapse, Burning Tree might be the right choice for you.

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