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Brookhaven Retreat was founded by Jacqueline Dawes, a mother who lost her daughter due to ecstasy use. Her main goal was to build a safe haven for women who are struggling with addiction and mental health issues. The facility is spread over 16,000 square feet on a 48-acre property. The clinic has 38 beds for women enrolled in a residential treatment program.

Rooms are decorated in a way that encourages recovery (warm colors and single captain’s beds). When it comes to food, the menu is designed to accommodate women’s needs, and it is based on spa cuisine.

Brookhaven Retreat: Treatments, Programs, and Staff

Brookhaven offers a holistic approach to addiction treatment. However, the staff can arrange 12-step meetings on site.

The center provides medically supervised detox to those in need. Additionally, in order to ease some of the unpleasant withdrawal symptoms, acudetoxaccudetox is conducted as a part of the holistic approach. This method is based on pressuring certain points on one’s ears.
After the detox period is over, women can start 90-day inpatient program. The therapy is based on dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) which main goal is to eliminate maladaptive behavioral patterns. Every treatment program is highly individualized in order to fit an individual’s needs. Therapy groups are small and specialized in treating a specific issue such as domestic violence and trauma. Group meetings are held twice a week, and individual counseling sessions are weekly.

Other treatment programs include:

  • Lilly program—created for women with mental health problems,
  • Family therapy—emphasizes family involvement in order to achieve long-term sobriety,
  • Exposure therapy—helps clients develop new life skills and functional coping mechanisms,
  • Art therapy—can be helpful to those who have problems in expressing and facing their emotions,
  • Low elements ropes course—helps women discover their emotions and sense of belonging through the physical activity,
  • Garden therapy— beneficial for one’s emotional and physical well-being as a form of stress relieving,
  • Equine therapy— shown to be very helpful in overcoming trauma,
  • Poncho life skills— a program specially created in Brookhaven to teach women new life skills that can help them once they are out of the rehab.

Besides inpatient treatment, Brookhaven Retreat offers its clients the aftercare program. It includes weekly therapy sessions over the phone, online therapy, follow-ups, and annual meetings.

The team of experts in Brookhaven retreat includes medical doctors, certified therapists, and nurses.

Brookhaven Retreat: Facilities and Extras

One of the many additional services Brookhaven retreat offers its clients are a concierge, laundry washing and drying, computer privileges and housekeeping. Also, weekly shopping trips are arranged, as well as off-site manicure and hair dresser appointments for additional pay. Also, clients can go to a spa once a week. Gym membership is included in the price of the stay.

Rules and Regulations at Brookhaven Retreat

The cost of a 30-day stay in Brookhaven Retreat is $45,000. The insurance does not cover the expenses.


Brookhaven Retreat offers its clients a holistic approach to addiction treatment, but traditional treatment options are also available. Diverse therapy options, highly individualized programs, and comprehensive aftercare help women reach and maintain sobriety. The reason for many success stories lies beneath the fact that the professionals who work there are aware of how different life experiences of a woman can trigger the addiction.

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