Bridges of Iowa Rehab Review: An Alternative to Jailing Addicts

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The Bridges of Iowa is a faith-based drug rehab treatment program that views the magnitudes of people caught up in the maw of the War on Drugs as a blight on the American justice system. The Bridges of Iowa offers a different approach to treating addiction that not only seeks to help people overcome substance abuse but also aims to reduce the number of individuals jailed for being addicts.

Crime and Addiction

The Bridges of Iowa treatment program began its life in Polk County in September of 2012. The decision was made by county officials to retrofit the unused wing of the Polk County jail to house a substance abuse treatment program. Bridges of Iowa was viewed then, as it is still viewed now, as an alternative approach to incarcerating all those who have been charged and convicted of minor drug offenses.

Despite its proximity to a county jail, the Bridges of Iowa program stresses a non-punitive approach to substance abuse treatment. It shares similar treatment ideas to those espoused by the St. Gregory Recovery Centers, which emphasizes a three-pronged solution to drug addiction, by addressing the four main components of a person that are negatively affected by addiction: the biological, the psychological, the social and the spiritual.

A Better Way

Inpatient stays at Bridges of Iowa last for a full year. Treatment typically begins by addressing the physical damage that came with substance abuse. There are no licensed medical staff on hand at Bridges of Iowa, so if someone is going through withdrawal, they may be referred to the Broadlawns Medical Center to detox.

Once residents have been cleared by medical staff at Broadlawns, they begin the first part of treatment at Bridges of Iowa. The first phase means undergoing neuro cognitive therapy, or in other words, relearning the thought patterns that made substance abuse a regular part of your life. You also begin a physical cleanse through daily workouts and eating foods with an increased nutritional value.

As residents slowly start to restore themselves physically and mentally, they are ready to move on to the second phase of treatment. A re-wiring of your thought processes is also a key factor during this phase of your treatment. Cognitive behavioral therapy gets residents to understand better the irrational behaviors that propelled their lives as addicts.

Once these actions have been identified, residents learn new ways that replace the destructive and self-serving attitudes that informed their decisions before. It is during this section that residents learn more about their positive aspects. They come to discover skills and aptitudes that they never believed they had.

No Going Back

Finding a way back into normal society is ultimately the most important goal of Bridges of Iowa. After residents have cleared the other treatment hurdles, they begin to go back out into the world looking for gainful employment.

Bridges of Iowa is there for every step of the way. Job placement teams work closely with residents to find a job that is suited to their skills and histories. Bridges of Iowa has also partnered with local businesses and vocational schools to provide training to any who feel they need to learn new skills. After securing employment, residents must turn over their wages to Bridges of Iowa’s financial team for residents to learn budgeting and financial literacy.

Residents slowly begin to fill out the spaces in life that they left behind when they were abusing. They understand how to deal with outside pressures without resorting to substances. They commit themselves to maintaining steady work and responsibly managing their finances. And most importantly the begin to restore relationships with their loved ones.

Prices for one year with insurance at Bridges of Iowa, Inc.: $1,500

Price for one year without insurance: $34,000

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