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Located in the city of Shreveport, Louisiana, a commercial and cultural point where Arkansas, Louisiana, and Texas meet, Brentwood Hospital is the largest psychiatric hospital in the state of Louisiana. The hospital operates since 1971 and provides children, adolescents, adults, and seniors with behavioral health and dependency treatments. In its safe and nurturing environment, both clients and their families reach improvement needed for life outside the facility.

Brentwood Hospital: Treatments, Programs, and Staff

As stated, Brentwood Hospital is primarily a behavioral healthcare provider; hence it bases its programs on a clinical excellence in mental health services. As such, Brentwood Hospital promotes crisis resolution, self-awareness, and social skills needed for personal growth and stabilization of depression, addiction, and other behavioral disorder symptoms. Brentwood Hospital offers treatment programs based on the age of patients, and type of their stay at the facility.

Inpatient and partial hospitalization programs are available for children, adolescents, and adults, while inpatient and outpatient treatments are available for seniors through Brentwood’s geriatric programs. Additional programs for adults include:

  • Inpatient women’s program
  • Adult addictive disease program
  • Adult partial hospitalization boarding program
  • Adult military program

Children program at Brentwood treats children between 5 and 12 years old, encountering emotional and behavioral problems like mood, anxiety, anger, or impulse disorders disabling them from functioning at school or home. Adolescent programs are somewhat similar, offering physical, psychiatric, medical, and educational therapies, including drug and alcohol detoxification to teens aged 13 to 17. Both children and adolescent programs include individual and group therapies, and family sessions.

When it comes to adult programs, inpatient adult program treats substance abuse as a secondary diagnosis. However, the main program at Brentwood Hospital focused on drug and alcohol addiction is adult addictive disease program. The program admits adults aged 18 and older with drug or alcohol dependency and abuse, or both. The treatment itself includes both detoxification and rehabilitation processes based on the 12-step model, while it emphasizes education as its main aspect. Through multi-disciplinary approach, Brentwood provides psychiatric evaluation, physical examination, chemical dependency assessment, detoxification, medication management, group, individual and family therapies, 12-steps groups, relapse prevention, and AA/NA meetings.

Geriatric programs treat seniors 55 and older, while military program provides treatment services to both military members and veterans.

Brentwood Hospital: Facilities and Extras

While it might appear as a regular hospital, Brentwood provides a safe and comfortable environment for its patients to heal. Surrounded with trees and a nearby river, the hospital offers 200 beds to patients with behavioral health and chemical dependency issues. Rooms, dining hall, and common areas are comfortably furnished to resemble warm home atmosphere, while children areas are decorated with murals and drawings depicting cartoon characters. When it comes to children, Brentwood offers educational therapies by certified teachers. The hospital provides these therapies to evaluate the effectiveness of medications prescribed for the child, so that the child can successfully work on their main school assignments and return back to the school. Addiction treatment program offers additional therapies on health and nutrition to adults, while horticulture therapy is available for seniors in their recovery process.

Rules and Regulations at the Brentwood Hospital

Assessments, crisis intervention, referrals and admission services Brentwood Hospital provides 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, during the whole year, at no cost at all. After that, the patients are referred to the appropriate treatment with financial costs determined based on level of care and individual treatment needs.

Visits are permitted during scheduled times, while visitors must be 12 years old and older with a valid ID and without audiovisual gadgets, bags, foods and drinks to make a visit. Only 3 visitors per patient are allowed.

As for the patients, they must oblige to rules concerning clothing – comfortable, appropriate and casual clothes are allowed, while shoes must be without shoelaces. The full list of allowed and prohibited items is available on “What to bring” section of Brentwood Hospital’s website.


Being the biggest psychiatric hospital in the whole state of Louisiana, Brentwood is renowned for its caring and quality approach both to behavioral and substance abuse disorders. As it treats a variety of disorders and diverse patients, from children to veterans, Brentwood Hospital is one of the leading behavioral healthcare providers in Louisiana, helping its patients to get back on track and return to their communities.

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