The Bradley Center of St. Francis Hospital Rehab Review: A Legend

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The Bradley Center of St. Francis Hospital has endeared itself to the community surrounding the Chattahoochee Valley in Columbus, Georgia by providing residents with over 65 years of continuous and dedicated care for mental health and substance abuse conditions.

The Bradley Center has gradually expanded over time to eventually require a separate wing from the main St. Francis Hospital building. It now has over 84 beds for patients requiring medically supervised detox, inpatient, and outpatient treatment as well as prevention services and geriatric care for the elderly.

A Tradition of Care

The St. Francis Hospital started as a reaction to the drain of services and human resources brought on by the Second World War. The initial building was a simple five-story, red-brick building that was staffed by an order of Franciscan nuns. Now, however, there are two campuses and a capacity of 376 beds for a whole region of southern Georgia.

The adult inpatient unit has 24 beds available for adults 18 and older who are experiencing life crises’. The inpatient unit acts as a safety net for people suffering from dual diagnoses emergencies. These can run from psychiatric problems, suicidal or homicidal idealization, as well as a need to detox from drugs or alcohol.

Adolescents and children as young as five years-old have a separate acute inpatient unit. It has 20 beds to treat the most urgent psychiatric or substance abuse emergencies. Patients suffering from depression, anxiety, self-harm behaviors or who are experiencing psychotic episodes are all admitted to the inpatient unit for as long as they need treatment.

Both the adult and adolescent inpatient units do not hold patients for very long. Stays usually last for however long the patient needs to recover from either detoxification or their life crisis, but typically last for between 3 days to a week. Treatments run the gamut from individual counseling to peer groups. Medically assisted therapies are also available as well as addiction education classes.

Adolescents are given individual counseling as well, but also attend family group therapy sessions with a social worker or psychiatrist. Pastoral care or counseling with a spiritual adviser is also available should a patient feel like exploring the spiritual side of recovery.

Going Into the Community

The Bradley Center also provides partial hospitalization and outpatient services at its other facilities. To make use of outpatient or partial hospitalization services an attending physician must first admit a patient. Patients may have already been in inpatient residence and have now transitioned out to a less strenuous treatment schedule.

The outpatient program offers much of the same treatments that patients receive in the inpatient program, which runs from individual counseling, the teaching of process skills that help with anger and stress management as well as psycho-social education classes to help a patient better understand their condition. Beyond mere counseling and the introduction to 12 Step meetings, the Bradley Center outpatient program also offers a more hi-tech treatment for severe depressive disorders.

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) is administered to patients suffering from severe depression and who have not seen any significant improvements with other traditional treatments. TMS is offered as an outpatient treatment, since it is non-invasive and typically lasts for only 40 minutes, with the patient being allowed to return home by themselves.

A patient sits comfortably in a reclining chair, while an electric treatment coil is placed somewhere on their scalp. The coil then emits a targeted electromagnetic pulse that incites a chemical reaction in the brain that re-calibrates a patient’s mood and emotional state. The Bradley Center reports that almost 67% of patients who have received TMS treatments report feeling better.

The St. Francis Difference

The Bradley Center sends speakers to events to educate the community on mental health and substance abuse disorders. It also provides free screenings for mental health problems like depression and anxiety.
The Bradley Center has, over its 65 years, proven itself the most reliable treatment choice for behavioral health and addiction disorders in southern Georgia.

It provides care for acute substance abuse and mental health disorders and even goes into the community through its prevention services arm. It is a medical facility that provides the best and most up-to-date care for all kinds of life crises.

Price for a 30-day stay at The Bradley Center of St. Francis Hospital: $17,750

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