Bowling Green Brandywine Rehab Review: A Sober Living Recovery Campus

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Bowling Green Brandywine Treatment Center Review

Bowling Green Brandywine treatment center is local rehab in Kennett Square Pennsylvania nested on a sprawling riverside campus with three separate patient housing facilities. There is a converted mansion for female residents, a hotel for male residents and a converted and updated barn for patients undergoing an initial detox regimen. This drug rehab treats a wide spectrum of addictions with experienced and qualified staff using evidence based approaches. It has been operating for over thirty years to assist patients in overcoming a variety of chemical dependencies and dual diagnosis concerns. The staff are trained to bring compassion, dignity and diligence with them everyday to effectively provide mental health care and addiction treatment to their patients.

Bowling Green Brandywine Treatment, Programs, and Staff

The team of professionals at Bowling Green Brandywine include physicians, psychiatrists, registered nurses, and licensed counselors with advanced degrees. The housekeeping staff keeps the residents rooms and common areas clean and tidy. There are terrific cooks who prepare all meals for residents of the treatment center. special dietary needs and between-meal snacks can be made available by request.

The comprehensive treatment programs provided here can address nearly any type of addiction diagnosis. Patients with a history of alcohol or other narcotic abuse can be given the necessary help. Special cocaine and heroin rehabilitation programs are provided here. Newer treatment programs focusing on how to assist with prescription drug abuse are also available. Residents attend individualized counseling sessions and 12 step programs during their inpatient stay which lasts up to 28 days depending on need.

Bowling Green Brandywine: Facilities and Extras

The housing facilities for patients who have moved past any necessary withdrawal phases are very well provisioned. The center has 46 inpatient beds and 60 dual diagnosis beds. There are numerous recreational options including movies, sports activities, fitness equipment and outdoor fun, such as horseshoes competitions. Other alternative wellness programs are available such as yoga, reiki, meditation and acupuncture. The staff host holiday parties and social events throughout the year to keep spirits high.

An advantage that makes this one of the best rehabs is the strong alumni support group. That network creates an outpatient support resource that provides assistance after residents have left the campus.

Rules and Regulations in Bowling Green Brandywine

Patients in the detox phase of recovery are isolated from the rest of the residents in the remodeled barn outbuilding for an average of five days, after which they transition to the main facilities. Candy gum and soda are not permitted while undergoing treatment. Patient schedules are tightly structured and planned for each day of the week to keep their focus on recovering. Family visits are allowed, but must be approved by the patients counselor and the family member must be will to be interviewed beforehand. Patients in the outpatient program must meet daily at the facility to attend counseling sessions.

Bowling Green Brandywine Review Summary

This is one of the best locations in Pennsylvania to experience scenic surroundings during one’s journey towards recovery. The amenities are exceptional and the well trained staff means you will receive high quality treatment using the latest techniques. Some people have expressed concern that the facility may be slightly understaffed compared to the resident population, resulting in phone calls going unanswered on occasion. Bowling Green Brandywine is always filling those positions through its hiring page on its website with well-qualified professionals. Bowling Green Brandywine accepts a variety of common insurance providers and Medicaid.

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