Boca House Rehab Review: Sober Living House in Boca Raton

  1. Boca House Review

The Boca House sober living facility offers structure and support for men looking to reintegrate back into society after leaving rehab. The Boca House has been in operation for nearly twenty-five years.

Located in a well-heeled section of Boca Raton, Florida the Boca House offers job placement opportunities, volunteering jobs, and mentoring programs that allow men to participate in the growth and well-being of others. Boca House also tries to instill a philosophy based around the 12-Steps into its recovering residents. .

Learning to Live Again

The Boca House prides itself on being all the things that a halfway house is not. Men living at the Boca House do not get stuffed into a room with ten other men.

Founder Steven Manko found that after he had completed inpatient residential treatment, he still needed a disciplined environment that wasn’t so far away from the valued support system of his friends and loved ones. He created the Boca House to provide men in recovery with a soothing and pressure-free environment while challenging them to become better people.

The Boca House offers men a beautiful, natural setting, which also goads them to get out and enjoy nature like going hiking, swimming or bike riding. Less than two miles from the beach, the Boca House offers phased recovery facilities, with each phase having different rules and goals.

The Boca House itself has spacious outdoor facilities, with paths set upon pebble-strewn walkways and canopied by towering palm trees. The rooms features two double beds, and the common rooms offer plush furniture and wide-open floor plans.  

All phases of living at Boca House offer 1 to 3 bedroom apartments. Men, usually of the same age and background, live together, two to a room. Making connections with other men is crucial to fortifying a support system, so Boca House encourages men to spend time together.

The Boca House apartments come fully furnished with all the expected amenities. Men have at their disposal well-equipped kitchens and living rooms with flat-screen TVs and laptops.

Since all men living at Boca House need to be involved in a recovery activity, whether working or going to school, every Boca House comes with laundry facilities to help men appear clean and dignified in public.

Dealing with all these responsibilities in a new environment can be stressful, so that’s why the Boca House provides a sizable outdoor pool and other exercise amenities to help men unwind after a busy day.

Time Away from it All

The house rules at Boca House are the strictest for new residents. The standard rules for any sober house apply at Boca House as well: no drugs or alcohol whatsoever, residents must be working, actively looking for a job, going to school or volunteering, and they must also find a sponsor for AA or NA meetings.

Tidiness and cleanliness are also givens regarding rules at the Boca House. Residents must also submit to random drug tests to ensure that they are staying sober.

Men found to have drugs and alcohol in their system or in their possession get expelled from the house. Except, while their residency is terminated, Boca House also understands that relapses sometimes do happen with someone in recovery.

Therefore, men who have suffered a relapse get referred to a Boca House affiliate, Treatment Alternatives for either detox, intensive outpatient or outpatient treatment, all of them offered with housing. Once they have been cleared, men can return to Boca House.

A service that Boca House offers that sets it apart is the Career Center. Men receive crucial supports from the Career Center in almost all areas of their lives, not just career and job-wise. Men who never finished high school can begin the GED programs with help from the Career Center.

Anyone without health insurance or in need of food stamps can also receive help on how to apply for them from Career Center staff. The Career Center can also help men get connected to the local recovery community, find interesting volunteering and mentoring opportunities, like participation in the Big Brother program, for example.

Of course, the Career Center helps men find stable work that fits their skills and interest level. Men receive TABE assessments to discover what skills they possess. Career Center counselors then help men build resumes and even go so far to drive them to job interviews.

The Boca House offers a stern but understanding environment for men in recovery. Apart from the luxurious setting and accommodations, the Boca House’s Career Center helps men get back on their feet with a broad range of social supports.

And while being under the influence is grounds for an immediate expulsion at most sober living houses, Boca House takes a compassionate stance and refers men to treatment options, rather than leaving them to their own devices.

The Boca House lives up to its claim of not being a “warehouse for men.” It offers spacious accommodations, essential work and educational services and takes an understanding stance for men who really need it.

Price for 30 days at Boca House: $800

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