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Black Bear Lodge treatment center is tucked in the Yonah Mountain in the northeastern Georgia. The facility offers help to those who struggle with substance abuse and co-occurring mental health disorders. As part of Foundations Recovery Network, Black Bear Lodge has a confirmed gold standard in these systems of care and is in the top 5% treatment organizations in the country. The mystical nature of the Lodge greatly contributes to the whole process of healing and renewing of its residents.

Black Bear Lodge: Treatments, Programs and Staff

The programs ate Black Bear Lodge are numerous and are adjusted to individual needs. From weaning off a physical dependence on drugs and alcohol to getting in touch with your inner self, the treatments are designed to cover all aspects of this process. The recovery can last anywhere from 30 to 90 days if necessary.

Subacute detox is available on-site, without discomfort and with the help of skilled physicians and nurses. This type of detox makes sure that the side effects of withdrawal do not interfere or minimize the chance for success and sobriety. Medications are often offered to lessen the pain and any uncomfortable episodes, such as seizures and severe emotional suffering.

Residential and outpatient programs are also available at the Lodge. Residential treatment is aimed at those who wish to distance themselves from their hectic lives and their previous environment. On the other hand, those who do not wish or are not able to take a break from work or family responsibilities, opt for outpatient treatment.

Unlike the majority of similar institutions, the treatment philosophy practiced at the Black Bear Lodge does not follow the 12-step approach, although it offers support to residents who choose this approach by organizing on-site and off-site meetings.

Clinical program at Black Bear Lodge includes motivational interviewing, comprehensive behavioral health evaluations, dialectical behavior therapy-informed skills, cognitive behavioral therapy and cognitive processing therapy.

Goal setting, meditation, morning meetings, seminars, support groups, group and individual therapy sessions, and book studies are all parts of a simple daily schedule.

Black Bear Lodge’s staff consists of a group of skilled, trained and experienced staff in the field of medicine, physiology and patient care.

Black Bear Lodge: Facilities and Extras

Apart from the amazing location of the Black Bear Lodge, the interior is also quite interesting. Originally intended for a wedding resort, the facility has kept all the furniture and artwork. Lodge-style décor with wooden and leather furniture and massive fireplaces provide a sense of comfort and warmth while people are coping with their addiction, and learning and developing new, healthier skills.

Black Bear Lodge provides 85 beds, and every bedroom is cozy and pleasant. Each room offers two double beds with quilts, a desk and a rocking chair. There are also cabins with capacity to house a dozen men or women.

Since this treatment center offers comprehensive care and treats not only physical but also mental issues, there are many services provided by the Black Bear Lodge: family therapy, grief/loss therapy, nutrition and wellness group, adventure therapy, art therapy, yoga, equine therapy, horseback riding. Family weekends are organized every month, with LGBT diversity groups, and gender-separate process groups organized occasionally.

Rules and Regulations in Black Bear Lodge

The admission process can begin with a single phone call when you receive free, confidential assessments. There are some exclusion criteria for admission, for example, if the individual exhibits suicidal or homicidal ideation, disruptive psychosis in the extent that individual is not able to take care of themselves, or if the individual does not voluntarily consent to admission or treatment. The list of approved and prohibited items is available on the official website and is obligatory for each resident.

The treatment cost is $29,600 for a 30-day stay, but the cost is determined by a patient’s clinical diagnosis, the recommended length of treatment, whether the treatment requires specialized services and the individual insurance coverage of preferred payment options.

The admission coordinators determine the total cost based on this information and discuss the best options for payment.


Black Bear Lodge offers a comprehensive and holistic approach by addressing the needs of the whole person – mind, body, and spirit. This treatment center offers a wide range of proven treatment modalities. Patients are walked through stages of treatment gradually guided by experienced staff members who make the healing process easier and successful.

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