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The Betty Ford Center was founded in 1982, after Minnesota based Hazelden treatment center, established in 1949. The center was named and initiated by the former first lady, Betty Ford, in Rancho Mirage, California. At the age of 60, Betty Ford acknowledged her prescription drugs and alcohol addiction and openly sought help, which inspired her to open the door of the addiction treatment center to the nation, women especially. In 2014, Hazelden and Betty Ford Foundation merged into Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation.

Betty Ford Treatment Center: Treatments, Programs, and Staff

Betty Ford Center integrates the latest evidence-based researches and practices in providing its patients with individualized treatments to fit specific needs and circumstances. While the Foundation itself offers numerous programs nationwide, Betty Ford Centers in Rancho Mirage offers following addiction treatments:

  • Inpatient treatment
  • Day treatment & Sober Housing
  • Intensive outpatient
  • Structured sober living
  • Professional treatment program
  • Older adults’ recovery
  • LGBTQ program
  • Animal-assisted recovery support
  • Family program
  • Young adults
  • Children’s program
  • Assessment and evaluation
  • Continuing care
  • Recovery management

The Inpatient treatment is gender specific, meaning that male and female residents live separately. Regardless of the gender, all patients will be provided with group therapy, special focus groups, individual therapy, educational lectures, and wellness and fitness activities during their inpatient program. The program is active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, while the overall length of the program will depend on specific and clinical situations of the patient. While inpatients program might vary depending on the locations of the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation, 12 step programs are incorporated in each of the treatments, including those at Betty Ford Center.

On the other hand, intensive outpatient program meets on afternoons during weekdays, involving activities between 9 and 12 hours weekly, or 3 hours on a daily basis. 3 hours are divided into educational workshops and group therapies. The program runs from 1 to 4 PM Monday to Thursday, typically for 8 weeks.

In addition to treatments based on gender or age of the patient, Betty Ford Center offers Inpatient addiction treatment for professionals. This specific program admits military personnel, clergy, politicians, professional athletes and people from the entertainment industry. Patients in this program focus on shame reduction and return-to-work readiness through educational presentations, group and individual counseling, ongoing medical, psychiatric, and psychological care, and peer groups with other professionals.

Betty Ford Treatment Center: Facilities and Extras

While the Foundation was initiated in Minnesota, it now has locations across the States; Betty Ford Center specifically is anchored in Rancho Mirage, resort city in California. The center is spread across 20-acre campus, with views on nearby mountains.

Rooms are based on double-occupancy principle, with each room having a private balcony. Joined with Eisenhower Medical Center, Betty Ford Center has 100 beds available on campus for inpatient treatment program, and additional 84 for patients partaking in Residential Day Treatment program.

As of 2015, an outpatient treatment clinic operates in Los Angeles as part of the Betty Ford Center. The Center provides its clients with 24/7 supply of beverages and healthy snacks, recreational areas, and nearby Lake Hope where patients can find peace or partake in a psychical activity.

Alongside locations in Minnesota and Oregon, Betty Ford Center in California provides detox and dual diagnosis treatments.

Rules and Regulations at the Betty Ford Center

Given the fact that the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation, including the Betty Ford Center, offers numerous programs, the price of each treatment depends on individual needs specific to each client. Programs are gender–specific, while specific LGBTQ program addresses gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and queer individuals.

Patients do not have access to email, but postal mail and scheduled phone calls are allowed. Both inpatient and outpatient programs at the Center allow visits on Sundays, between 12 and 4 pm. Rancho Mirage campus also provides a checklist of what to bring and what not to bring when visiting your loved one. The admission hour is between 12 and 1 PM.


Operating under aforementioned and acclaimed Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation, the Betty Ford Center is one of the most reputable ones not only in the USA, but world widely. Its diverse programs aiming patients of equally diverse backgrounds are offering on point treatments to fit each patient’s needs. Some of the most famous Center’s alumni are Jay Z, Liza Minnelli, Johnny Cash, and Elizabeth Taylor, which just strengthens its reputation in fight against addiction.

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