Beckett Springs Rehab Review: A New Place to Treat Addiction

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The Beckett Springs drug rehab and mental health treatment facility is a relatively new arrival on the scene, having opened only a few years ago. It has a brand new 72-bed campus that offers a quiet recovery setting just outside of Cincinnati, in West Chester, Ohio.

Hope Springs Eternal

Beckett Springs is a short-term rehab. It serves and addresses some of the most necessary chemical dependency and psychiatric emergencies with the goal of ultimately finding its patients other, more thorough treatment options. Treatment methods are various but are all evidence-based and strive to do more than just stabilize a patient.

The three primary strains of Beckett Springs’ treatment options run from inpatient residential treatment to outpatient treatment and partial hospitalization at either its central facility in West Chester or at its Changes Beckett Springs facility in Dayton. There is also an aftercare alumni program that acts as a support both to recent graduates of the program and alumni that wish to strengthen the lessons learned in rehab.

Beckett Springs does not offer detoxification services. It might be that any medical intervention for patients suffering from withdrawal gets referred to other facilities more capable of handling detoxification emergencies.

One Day at a Time

Admission to Beckett Springs comes first with a thorough physical and psychological assessment from your treatment team. This group may include a primary physician, a therapist, registered nurses and social workers. You are given a medical exam by an internist to determine what, if any, medical conditions might hamper your recovery.

From there, a dedicated nursing staff, as well as PCA (patient care assistants), will attend to you at all hours during your 8-9 day stay as an inpatient. Since stays at the inpatient facility last only a few days, your days are packed with intensive treatments. The treatment program for an inpatient can last almost ten hours a day.

According to the treatment plan created around your specific needs, you can participate in either group therapy, wellness and fitness classes as well as addiction and mental health education classes. Beckett Springs also offers medically assisted therapies to its patients who require them or would be best served by such treatments. Naltrexone and Naloxone are available to control cravings and ease withdrawal symptoms.

When Your Time is Up

The primary treatment modality at Beckett Springs revolves around group therapy. Group sessions are based on a cognitive behavioral model that is supported by a nationally recognized, web-based system called COGNIT, that helps residents with relapse prevention tips and around-the-clock advice, even after they have left Beckett Springs.

Along with this new-age variant on substance abuse treatment, Beckett Springs offers its inpatient and outpatient clients more holistic, down-to-earth remedies. Expressive writing and art classes, along with animal assisted therapy, can help ease your stress levels, as well as help you express any deep-seeded feelings you might have difficulty articulating.

Before a patient leaves rehab, their treatment team works with them, as well as their family members, to create a viable, long-lasting aftercare plan. This aftercare plan could mean further inpatient treatments at a different facility. Aftercare could also entail finding support groups in your community to help you maintain sobriety. Beckett Springs does offer, however, outpatient services at two locations.

The partial hospitalization program is offered five days a week with six hours a treatment a day. Patients attend a variety of educational groups along with therapeutic classes on stress management, craving control and strengthening their relationship skills. The intensive outpatient program is one rung down on the treatment ladder since it requires a 15-hour capsule of therapy to be spread out over a week.

Beckett Springs offers some of the latest treatment schemes to be offered nowadays to treat substance abuse and dual diagnosis disorders. It has two central locations to allow for better access and provides smart, targeted care that places heavy emphasis on getting you back to your normal life.

Price for 5 day blocks at Beckett Springs (payments must be made in advance): $4,450

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