Azure Acres Rehab Review: A Retreat From Addiction

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The Azure Acres house, located in Sebastopol, California has been providing drug and alcohol treatments for over 50 years. Azure Acres serves as the detox facility of choice for residents of Santa Rosa, as patients in need of withdrawal supervision are referred to Azure Acres’ detox facility.

Having begun as the vacation residence of a famous architect who built his house in the hills surrounding Sonoma County, the rehab itself started in 1959. As attitudes toward substance abuse have changed through the years, Azure Acres has also kept up with the latest developments in treating chemical dependency.

The Forest for the Trees

The Azure Acres facility in Sebastopol is where it hosts its residential inpatient programs.The main house is embedded within an escarpment that sweeps down into denser, tree-strewn forests on either side. Green, rolling hills also abut the central facility that was originally a vacation house used by five different generations.

There are also intensive outpatient programs that Azure Acres offers at its Santa Rosa and Sacramento treatment centers. Detoxification takes place at one of the outpatient facilities and patients are then transferred to the Sebastopol facility for an inpatient stay that typically lasts for a minimum of 30-days.

Withdrawal is medically supervised, and your symptoms can be treated with medication should you require them. Your stay in detox can last anywhere between three to ten days. If you are medically able and physically well, you are encouraged to take part in group therapy sessions where topics can range from relapse prevention to 12 Step education.

Escape to the Woods

The inpatient program has a 28 person capacity. The rooms all evoke the lodge-like atmosphere that the building was originally intended to inspire with furnishings made out of logs and timber provided by the surrounding redwoods. The shared, open spaces are all spacious, and skylights above allow in natural light.

Resident’s days consist of recovery based activities. Given its natural setting, Azure Acres provides mostly evidence-based, abstinence treatments like cognitive behavioral therapies and group therapy sessions where residents learn from each other. The 12 Steps treatment philosophy, however, is what informs most treatment plans at Azure Acres.

There is a daily study of the Big Book, the founding text of the 12 Step philosophy, which is where residents will draw most of the skills they will need to achieve and maintain sobriety. There are plenty of recreational and experiential therapies available as well, where residents can “live” through their experiences as addicts and users through role-playing and other expressive arts.

Most recently, Azure Acres has instituted a tai chi component to its list of treatment options. Families and visitations from loved ones also play a big part in residential treatments, with families visiting every so often not just to comfort and support their loved ones but also to participate in family therapy sessions.

Healing in the Forest

Partial hospitalization is what usually follows a person’s 30-day stay as an inpatient. The facility in Santa Rosa is geared more toward the resident’s who have come out of the residential program, while the installation in Sacramento is more for the public as a whole looking to receive outpatient services.

Treatment options at either of the outpatient facilities take on three different variations, namely individual, family and group therapy. The topics covered include anger management, relapse prevention and identifying the triggers that may lead to relapse.

The skills learned in the outpatient programs help a person manage their stress, express themselves healthily and constructively and assist them to control their impulses. Outpatient treatments usually last for about six weeks, with patients attending therapy for almost three hours a day.

Azure Acres has a long history treating substance abuse as well as co-occurring disorders in the Sonoma County area. It has slowly broken free of strictly adhering to the 12 Step principles by embracing more holistic and evidence-based approaches. But if you need a retreat from the destructive environments that might enable your addiction, then Azure Acres can help you with that.

Price for 30 days at Azure Acres: $12,500

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