Atchison Valley Hope Treatment Center Rehab Review: Tradition-Based Recovery

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Atchison Valley Hope Review

Atchison Valley Hope is a part of Valley Hope organization founded in 1967 with aim to provide help to people suffering from substance abuse issues. The center is located 30 minutes from Kansas City, near the Missouri River.

Atchison Valley Hope: Treatments, Programs, and Staff

The center provides medically supervised detox on-site if required. Nurses continuously monitor patient’s vital signs, and administer medications that are known to ease withdrawal symptoms. The average duration of detox phase is three to seven days.

At the beginning of residential treatment, a team of professionals works together to create an individualized treatment plan. Inpatient phase of the treatment lasts for up to 30 days, and it includes 40 hours of individual and group therapy that addresses the issues such as relapse prevention, emotional processing, and family dynamics. Clients are also encouraged to attend 12-step meetings.

The staff emphasizes the importance of family participation in the recovery process of their loved one because it is crucial that clients have a strong support network once the rehab is completed.

A day treatment includes six to eight hours of group therapy and weekly individual counseling sessions. Clients are also obliged to attend 12-step meetings and educational sessions.

The staff at the center includes licensed counselors and therapists, nurses, psychologists, and physicians.

Atchison Valley Hope: Facilities and Extras

The campus has the capacity to accommodate 65 clients who are staying in well-equipped semi-private rooms. Clients can also enjoy walks around the spacious property and relaxing in nature; play volleyball, basketball, or swim in the pool.

Meals are prepared on-site and served cafeteria-style. Salads, juices, and cereal are always available.

An off-site massage therapist is available but for an additional cost.

Rules and Regulations at Atchison Valley Hope

Family members are allowed to visit their loved ones after the first week of treatment. They can even go outside of the campus to grab a meal at the local restaurant or enjoy some other activity.

Caffeine is not allowed on the campus. However, clients can smoke during their free time in designated areas.

A 30-day stay at the Atchison Valley Hope center costs $13,000.


Atchison Valley Hope is an addiction treatment center that provides detox, inpatient, and day treatment services for men and women struggling with substance abuse issues. The treatment is client-oriented and based on the 12-step philosophy. If you or your loved one is fighting with addiction and looking for a highly structured schedule designed to help in overcoming addiction-related problems, Atchison Valley Hope may just be the right place for you.

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