Arrowhead Behavioral Health Rehab Review: A Sober Life Awaits

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The Arrowhead Behavioral Health rehab center in Maumee, Ohio is a 48-bed psychiatric hospital that offers treatments in a variety of formats, from inpatient and outpatients tracks. Arrowhead Behavioral Health also provides acute inpatient care for detox and psychiatric emergencies.

Located just outside of Toledo, Arrowhead is a behavioral health provider to the surrounding areas of Michigan and northern Ohio as well. Arrowhead boasts a recently renovated facility that took it further away from an institutional feel to a more holistic, healing environment.

Living Again

The Arrowhead Behavioral Health center is a low-rise building on a leafy, suburban street across from an empty lot and an office building. Its 48-beds receive patients going through detox or who require short-term stabilization stays who then attend treatment sessions at Arrowhead.

Arrowhead recently went through a renovation that added more beds and installed more modern amenities throughout the facility, like audio/visual equipment in treatment rooms. The rooms themselves feature the standard two single beds for patients, as well as a wall of shelves for patients to keep their belongings.

In keeping with its focus on more alternative therapies to treat addiction and mental health disorders, Arrowhead now features a gym with exercise facilities. There is a basketball court and yoga mats for those wanting to improve their mind/body connection.

Looking for Redemption

Treatment stays at Arrowhead depend on a particular patient’s medical and psychiatric needs. All patients receive thorough assessments to best gauge what treatment they would most respond to positively.

Assessments can be taken free of charge, while those ordered to rehab by a court must pay a small fee. Detox is a central treatment modality at Arrowhead.

Different substances require various types of detox. Arrowhead specializes in alcohol as well opioid withdrawal for which they offer medications like Suboxone, which itself requires careful monitoring and supervision from Arrowhead medical staff.

Detoxification stays, again, require more or less time depending on how a patient progresses through treatment. After patients complete detox, Arrowhead offers either a partial hospitalization stay or Intensive Outpatient therapies as subsequent options to treat substance abuse.

The focus at Arrowhead is more on mental illnesses and dual diagnosis disorders, so Arrowhead features inpatient and outpatient programs for the treatment for a variety of condition. Treatment services include sessions with a staff psychiatrist, as well as group and individual counseling sessions.

Medication assistance, beyond Suboxone treatments, also act as important treatment options for those with mental illnesses. Substance abuse sufferers can opt for treatment schemes that also feature counseling, group therapy as well as regular 12-Step meetings.

Arrowhead recently instituted an Impaired Professionals program to provide discreet, yet thorough substance abuse and mental health treatment to professionals suffering from drug and alcohol problems. The Impaired Professionals program has inpatient and outpatient formats.

Cutting a Path

The different outpatient treatments at Arrowhead run five days a week and last from 9AM to 3PM for the PHP program. Intensive Outpatient schemes run three times a week with each session lasting three hours.

And given the demands for a sustained inpatient drug rehabilitation program, Arrowhead has started to offer a 28-day inpatient program that addresses chemical dependency. Arrowhead Behavioral Health has recently updated its programs to provide more comprehensive services like inpatient drug rehab and medically assisted withdrawal.

It has been a staple in the community for almost thirty years, and it has adapted to the times to offer more intensive and far-reaching programs.

Price for 28 days at Arrowhead Behavioral Health: $22,500

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