The Arbor Treatment Center Review: Family-based Treatment

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The Arbor is addiction treatment facility located in Austin, Texas on a 67-acre ranch. The center provides inpatient and outpatient services, as well as family and extended care program.

The location of the center itself provides the peaceful environment necessary for recovery.

Residents stay in shared rooms which are gender-specific. Rooms are not luxurious, but they are well-equipped. The male part provides residence for 14 clients, while the female lodge can accommodate up to 18 women.

Meals are prepared on the campus by the professional chef. Residents eat together in common dining area.

The Arbor: Treatments, Programs, and Staff

The first step of the recovery after the admission to The Arbor is an assessment. Each client is assigned to their recovery team who will create a highly individualized treatment plan. Therapy is based on traditional model and modern approach. It includes:

  •         Individual counseling
  •         Equine therapy
  •        12-step meetings
  •         Group therapy
  •        Relapse prevention planning
  •         Family therapy
  •         Art therapy
  •         Life coaching
  •         Consultations with a nutritionist
  •         Aftercare
  •         Alumni groups
  •         Meditation, yoga, and massage

Another service that The Arbor provides is the treatment of co-occurring disorders such as depression, anxiety, or post-traumatic stress disorder.

The Arbor offers two gender-specific programs—men’s and women’s. Both programs are holistic, which means they are dealing with every aspect of addiction. They treat person’s mind, body, and spirit. Another emphasis is on family involvement in the recovery process.

Extended care treatment program includes 24-hour supervision and onsite management. Residents are obligated to attend daily meetings, review groups, and to undergo random drug testings. Within this program, the center provides the intensive outpatient program and medication management. Also, treatment is based on 12-step philosophy.

The treatment consists of four stages:

  1.       Orientation
  2.       Preparation
  3.       Integration
  4.       Graduate

The Sober living program provides a safe environment for recovering addicts. The purpose of this program is to prepare clients to live on their own and to help them apply what they learned during their rehabilitation.

Intensive outpatient program combines evidence-based practices with 12-step philosophy. It includes four therapy session a week, weekly individual counseling sessions and 12-step meetings, random drug testing, educational groups, and family support groups.

Relapse prevention planning includes developing skills and coping mechanisms necessary to identify triggers and learning how to avoid them.

Family program helps family members deal with negative emotions such as anger and guilt, set boundaries, cope with stress, and regain self-esteem.

Facilities and Extras

Young adult treatment program in The Arbor includes three months inpatient stay, three months of the extended care, and up to 9 months of sober living. The primary goal of this program to provide care and support for young adults struggling with substance abuse problems through the development of interpersonal skills, building self-confidence, and finding purpose in life without the drug in the equation.

Rules and Regulations in The Arbor

The cost of the 30-day stay in The Arbor is $16,500.


The Arbor is addiction treatment facility that offers comprehensive inpatient, outpatient, and aftercare services for men, women, and young adults dealing with addiction. The treatment is a combination of evidence-based modern practices and traditional 12-step approach. The center provides diverse therapy options such as individual and group therapy, family counseling, equine therapy, art therapy, yoga, meditation, massage, and much more. If you are looking for a treatment center that provides service for healing your body, mind and soul, The Arbor might be the place for you.

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