Anchor Hospital Rehab Review: Complete Care in A Hospital Setting

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The Anchor Hospital in southwest Atlanta has been serving the community since 1986. The Anchor Hospital is a rehab center that provides treatment for substance use and co-occurring disorders, as well as providing much-needed social supports and assistance to veterans and the elderly.

Adolescents, adults and the elderly can receive treatment in either an inpatient or outpatient format. There is an acute inpatient residential program with detoxification services available onsite. Staff and personnel have experience dealing with geriatric clients as well as youth-specific behavioral problems.

Holding it Down

The Anchor Hospital has two campuses. The main campus hosts Anchor’s inpatient residential treatment program, as well as its detox facility and covers over 55 acres for patients to have maximum privacy and quiet.

Accommodations at Anchor Hospital number around 122, although not all of them are for the patients enrolled in the inpatient program. All the different age groups and genders cared for by the Anchor Hospital have their separate living and treatment facilities.

The facility itself does not strive to be anything more than functional. Soothing color schemes and long, wide corridors with hand railings throughout give patients the distinct impression that they are nowhere other than a hospital.

Patients must keep their rooms tidy and clean. Elderly patients have living assistance available to them should they need it. All patients eat together in the hospital’s main cafeteria.

Port in a Storm

All incoming patients at Anchor Hospital receive in-depth assessments to gauge their precise medical and psychological needs. Elderly patients also receive cognitive evaluations during their stay to determine what treatments would best suit them.

Treatment options vary among the different conditions and patients getting treatment at Anchor Hospital. There is an acute psychiatric unit for teens and adults that utilizes everything from individual and group therapy to more expressive therapies like art and music classes.

Family support and education also figure heavily in treating psychiatric emergencies. Elderly patients suffering from grief, depression, and addiction issues have many of the same treatment options available to them as well, like group therapy and 24-hour nursing care.

Treatment for chemical dependency conditions revolve around the 12-Step philosophy. Patients can undergo detoxification if their condition requires it and then move into the residential program, which usually lasts for anywhere between the standard 28-days.

Patients receive addiction education lectures from physicians, attend daily 12-Step meetings and receive relapse prevention education. Dual diagnosis sufferers receive psychiatric and psychotherapy treatment, as well as training in coping mechanisms and even spiritual guidance.

Hands Out, Step Up

Anchor Hospital provides veterans afflicted with everything from PTSD to related addiction and mental health issues with a variety of treatments. Veterans can receive cognitive behavioral therapy, as well as expressive therapies directed at treating traumatic experiences.

The outpatient campus located at Crescent Pines is where both children and adults can receive partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient treatments. Outpatient and partial hospitalization services at Anchor Hospital run seven days a week, with morning and evening options open to all.

The Anchor Hospital is part of the larger Southern Crescent Behavioral System, so their services and continuum of care are thorough and far reaching. They have many different satellite locations around Georgia should you need more specialized and intensive care.

The Anchor Hospital is a healthcare facility first, so although their premises may not be aesthetically pleasing, you can be sure that you will receive professional and dedicated care for your substance use or mental health disorder.

Price per week at Anchor Hospital: $1,960

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