Aloha House Treatment Center Review: Hawaii’s Stairway to Sobriety

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Aloha House corresponds with the spirit of Aloha, a Hawaiian word for love, compassion, peace, mercy, and affection, not only through its name but its treatment philosophy as well. At its facility in Makawao, Hawaii, Aloha House provides individuals and families with substance abuse services, mental health and social services, and an additional child and adolescent mental health services. The center operates since 1977 as a non-profit private organization and holds a certification by the Commission on the Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities.

Aloha House: Treatments, Programs, and Staff

As mentioned above, Aloha House functions through two divisions: Substance Abuse Services, assisting individuals addicted to drugs and alcohol to reach sobriety and Mental Health and Social Services/Child & Adolescent Mental Health Division, helping patients with emotional and behavioral dysfunctions to achieve optimal functioning in their community. As such, the center provides comprehensive and family-centered behavioral health interventions and treatments for individuals and families struggling with chemical dependency or mental health disorders.

Both substance addiction and abuse and mental health services utilize a full continuum of care and best practices in treating the patients. Aloha House conducts its substance abuse program through intervention and screening, education, group treatment, individual treatment, and family therapy. As such, the program consists of:

  •         Medically monitored detoxification
  •         Residential substance abuse and addiction treatment
  •         Sober living program
  •        Outpatient substance abuse and addiction
  •         Intensive family therapy
  •         Drug court program
  •         Lana’I outpatient treatments

Patients in a residential treatment program must pass through a detox phase before the inpatient admission, and then through a sober living program upon completing the residential treatments. Outpatient, family, and drug court programs do not require patients’ assessment in any of those phases but focus on patients who can partake in daily life and aren’t in need of hospitalization. The first step facilitates a safe detox through screening, assessment, counseling, treatment, and discharge planning. Residential substance abuse treatment provides a structured environment and nursing care, psychological services, case management, recovery education and sober support in addition to detox services. As a final stage, the sober living program enables patients discharged from residential treatment to live in a substance-free and safe environment. As such, the sober living program provides its attendees with psychiatric care, sober support skills groups, connection to community resources, and case management.

When it comes to the staff, Aloha House has a team of highly qualified and supportive clinical professionals. Additionally, the team includes social workers, psychologists, psychiatrists, nurses, and marriage and family therapists. The staff employs both ethical and clinical requirements and as well works with State clinicians and numerous governmental departments, mental health divisions, and human services. Aloha House’s staff participates in different traineeships so that they can provide patients with the latest treatment methods.

Facilities and Extras

While the whole state of Hawaii offers a soothing environment, a small place of Makawao where Aloha House anchors itself enhances Hawaii’s relaxing effect. Nearby Haleakala volcano, plantations, and ranch land make the perfect setting for patients to heal. Moreover, Makawao is known for its thriving art community. Hence Aloha House utilizes art, mainly traditional Hawaiian dance, in its therapies.

Rules and Regulations at Aloha House

Given the fact that Aloha House bases its services on Aloha philosophy, it incorporates its supervision standards through lenses of this practice. While the center encourages family engagement, the family can participate in treatment only if a patient signs the necessary confidentiality release forms.


By taking advantage of its environment and employing principles of Aloha philosophy with clinical treatment practices, Aloha House is, as the center’s promotional slogan says, helping create brighter futures since 1977.

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