Sex Addiction Signs and Symptoms You Need to Know

“My name is Charlie, and I’m a sex addict.” Sounds harmless and fun. I mean, sex is necessary for the survival of the human race. Sometimes, it can bring pleasure and is a source of intimacy.

In some cases, and even a source of inspiration for many. However, just as they say, an excess of everything is bad. Even the most pleasurable activity isn’t excluded! Sex addiction is a real thing. Let’s investigate more.

How Can Sex Then Possibly Go Wrong?

This disorder can dilute the intimacy and exquisiteness of lovemaking. As a result, it causes an unnatural mania with seeking, observing, or engaging in sexual acts. We call it sex addiction. Experts claim that people with a sex addiction will go to extremes. This way, they can satisfy their fantasies, regardless the consequences.

What Exactly Is a Sex Addiction?

Sexual addiction is compulsive sexual behavior. reports that sexual addiction is an emerging psychiatric disorder. They state that sex addiction can have significant medical and psychiatric consequences.

People with a sex addiction, can’t manage their sexual behavior. Therefore, they obsess over sexual thoughts. Unfortunately, it is to the extent that it interferes with many parts of the person’s life. They include the workability, relationships, and other daily activities. When sex impairs other areas in someone’s life, it becomes a problem.

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Sex Addiction Signs

The first thing you need to ask yourself is whether you worry about your sexual behavior. Did someone else express their concern about your sexual behavior? Then, you might want to consider this topic.

People who were victims of sexual abuse as a child or adolescent could be in danger. In fact, they might have a higher chance of developing sexual behavioral issues later in life. The same goes for kids who witness their parents having trouble with sexual behavior.

Other questions you can ask yourself to see if there are any sex addiction signs include:

  • Do you often find your mind preoccupied with (even decent) sexual thoughts?
  • Have you ever at some point felt that your sexual behavior is not normal?
  • Did you ever feel guilty about your sexual behavior after doing the deed?
  • Has your sexual behavior ever caused problems for you or your family?
  • Did your sexual obsession ever hurt someone emotionally?
  • Are any of your sexual activities against the law?
  • The age-old question – have you ever tried to quit a certain sexual activity, but failed?
  • Do you ever hide your sexual activities from others?
  • Have you, as a person, ever felt degraded because of a sexual act or activity?
  • Do you feel depressed after sex?
  • Do you ever feel that your sexual desire controls you?
  • Have you neglected other parts of your life because sex was consuming most of your time?
  • Is sex almost all you can think about?
  • Have you ever used sex to escape from your problems?
  • Has sex become the single most important factor in your life?
  • Are you in crisis due to sexual matters?
  • Has the internet ever created sexual problems in your relationships? On the other hand, have you been spending too much time online for sexual purposes? This includes subscribing to pornography, ‘’renting’’ someone to satisfy your sexual desires?
  • Had sexual intercourse of any sort with a minor?
  • Stayed in an emotionally or physically abusive relationship. You did it just for the sex?
  • Traded sex for money or gifts?
  • Maintained multiple sexual relationships at a time?
  • Engaged in an unsafe sexual activity, knowing that it could cause you harm?

Are You in a Relationship WITH a Sex Addict?

Did you ever worry that you might have relations with a sex addict? Currently, there are always signs of sex addiction to look out for. Simple tell-tale signs could bring you closer to the truth:

  • Lie to you all the time?

For example, tell you he or she is working late but comes home reeking of alcohol?

  • Cheat on you?

Not only once, consistently, probably maintaining multiple relationships at once.

  • Masturbate too much, even after sex?
  • Does the kinky stuff become all-encompassing?
    And you get pushed out of your comfort zone, never having ‘’normal’’ sex?
  • Has to be in control all the time
    Whether you get any pleasure from your sexual encounters or not, your partner doesn’t care.
  • Flirts with others – all the time
    For a sex addict, this is a way of ‘’getting off’’, or grooming potential victims.
  • Blames you for being a sex addict
    Especially when confronted, a sex addict will often manipulate the situation.

Dangers of Sex Addiction

Sex addiction is like any other addiction. In fact, it includes dangers for yourself and others. A few of these include:

  • Sexual Transmitted Disease or Infection
  • Diminishing self-esteem
  • Lack of intimacy due to the fear of judgment by others
  • Inability to nurture healthy relationships
  • Legal issues (un-consensual sex, prostitution, etc.)
  • Co-occurrence of other addictions, such as alcoholism.

Sex Addiction, vs. Drug Addiction

Just like with any other addiction, sex addicts can experience a high. First, they will get it through their compulsive sexual behavior. Then, they can also develop a dependence on this feeling.

Furthermore, they will suffer from withdrawal when going without sex. Sex also produce chemical alterations in the brain. Similarly, like any other addiction causes a rush.

Other Sex Addiction Signs

Signs of sex addiction, like any other addiction, include:

  • Repeated, compulsive seeking for sexual activity.
  • Participating in sexual activity, even when it can lead to danger for yourself and others.
  • Withdrawal when going without sex for a period.
  • Tolerance – a sex addict can tolerate just about any sexual activity. This is even if it includes physical or emotional pain.

Overcoming Sex Addiction

The success in overcoming a sex addiction lies in three factors.  This is according to health experts. You should develop them all properly after you see the sex addiction symptoms.

  1. Honesty

First, don’t lie to your partner. Then, don’t even lie to yourself about your sexually addictive activities. These include rationalizations or blatant lies about your whereabouts. With proper guidance, you can be completely honest about your sex addiction.

  1. Effort

Everything takes effort, dealing with an addiction even more so.Of course, approaches based on guilt and scare tactics won’t help you gain control. In many ways, a sex addict already deals with feelings of shame and guilt. A sex addict needs help, not humiliation.

  1. Proper Advice

Conventional forms of therapy rely on a variation of forms of repression. However, a sex addiction can’t be overcome by repression alone. First, invest your time in proper research. Then, go to meetings and decent therapy sessions to help you overcome your addiction.

Sex Addiction Signs and Symptoms You Need to Know

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