Drug Addiction in Australia – Why it’s Happening? Which Drugs?

Drug addiction in Australia

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When it comes to drug addiction, Australia cannot escape from this global problem. What is more, according to statistics it has become the No.1 country of drug abusers.

Andrew Carswell had the following to say in his article for The Daily Telegraph;

The nation has the inglorious distinction of having the highest proportion of recreational drug users in the world — an embarrassing new low, albeit from getting high. Our collective craving for a hit is only set to heighten, with the number of drug users continuing to rise steadily. The frightening statistics in the United Nation’s 2014 World Drug Report confirmed Australia as leading the world in the use of party drug ecstasy, third in methamphetamines and fourth in cocaine.

Andrew Carswell, The Daily Telegraph

The Most Common Illicit Drugs in Australia

Usually, Cannabis is the first illegal drug most teenagers and young adults use. However, the number one illicit drug in Australia is the party drug Ecstasy. Number two and number three on the list include all the painkillers. Next on the list are methamphetamines or amphetamines and cocaine. And let’s not forget about hallucinogens such as LSD and Magic Mushrooms. These are all very inviting substances to start a drug addiction problem.

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Reasons Why People Become Addicted to Drugs in Australia

Drug addiction in AustraliaAustralia is a thriving nation and a holiday resort to many around the world. Illicit drugs are easy to find on the streets, at popular clubs and even Australian beaches. Like most people all over the world, Australians try drugs out of curiosity. Most of them are well aware of the nasty effects of drugs. However, this curiosity gets the best of them. As a result, they forget for a moment that drugs are dangerous things.

As with many Western countries, the drug addiction problem isn’t with illegal drugs. However, it is usually with legal ones. Most Aussies try drugs between the ages of 15 and 19. By the time they are adults, a large percentage of first-time users find it extremely hard to quit. Painkillers are also very popular with Aussies, which many use for non-medical purposes. Usually, young Australians between the ages of 14–24 first try painkillers for recreational purposes at around the age of 15. Furthermore, with adolescents and teenagers, these are among the legal drugs that they abuse the most.

How Much do Aussies Spend on Illegal Drugs?

Melissa Davey, a journalist for the Guardian had the following to say about how much Australians spend on drugs in her article Rising cost of ecstasy and cocaine has not cut use in Australia;

The high and rising prices of drugs such as ecstasy and cocaine are not deterring Australians from using them, and the drugs remain relatively accessible despite police seizing increasing amounts, the findings of the fourth Global Drug Survey suggest.

The survey is conducted in partnership with global media partners, including the Guardian, with 4,931 respondents from Australia answering questions about their drug use and experiences. The survey was conducted between November and January and, while the data is not nationally representative, it has been used to identify emerging trends and drug-taking behaviors.

Melissa Davey, The Guardian

During the interview, about 27.1% reported they had used only legal drugs, mainly for medical purposes. Meanwhile, 70.6% said they had taken at least one illicit drug. 2.3% claim to have not used legal or illegal drugs at all.

Drug addiction is not a cheap problem. These are some of the most expensive drugs in Australia. Ecstasy costs $32.1 per pill. LSD costs $40 a tablet. Cocaine costs $300 per gram, or $326.87 per Oz. And heroin costs $50.4 per gram. The degree of seriousness can come from using these prices as a base and the frequency of drug intake. An individual can expect to spend hundreds upon thousands of dollars on drugs in Australia.

Where do Australians buy Drugs?

Drugs in Australia are easy to get. You can buy them in the streets, at specific clubs and of course online on the black market. Teenagers, who mostly do drugs out of curiosity and rebellion often steal money from their parents and buy drugs online. Underage children also tend to steal painkillers from their parents and use it for recreational purposes. As a result, one can develop a drug addiction problem from a young age. Adult buyers or addicts on the other hand, usually buy drugs from a dealer they trust.

How can we Solve the Drug Addiction Problem in Australia?

Like many other nations, Australia is also looking for effective ways to deal with the addiction problem. Besides providing free drug counseling, many cities in Australia now offer free detox and rehabilitation treatment. The government have designed these programs for anyone willing to receive help. Additionally, they have implemented many initiatives trying to get the message to the youths. These include spreading drug awareness at schools and implementing special “Say No To Drugs ” programs. The government feel that these can greatly help prevent drug use and drug addiction in many Australians’ teenage years.

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