A Forever Recovery Rehab Review: Five Different Ways to Heal

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A Forever Recovery Review

A Forever Recovery is a drug rehab center that takes the same approach to substance abuse treatment that an all-you-can-eat buffet takes toward dining: it has a variety of methods for you to choose. A Forever does not subscribe to a particular philosophy of treatment, other than getting treatment itself of which it offers five different variations.

Making You Feel Welcome

At their 60,000 square foot facility in Battle Creek, Michigan, A Forever Recovery does offer what comes naturally to any drug rehab facility, which is providing a setting conducive to healing and wellness. Their main facility is located on almost 14 acres of woodlands and has unobstructed views of nearby Saint Marys Lake.

The lodge-like feeling of A Forever is amplified by the interior color palette which evokes campfires, sunsets and peaceful walks over bare-earth. A Forever does not want you to feel like you are in a sterile, off-putting “treatment” center. A Forever combats any hint of joylessness or neutrality so that you feel welcome and comfortable enough to stay for as long as you need to within their cozy confines.

A Forever believes that a significant step to take towards sobriety is to remove yourself from the environments that led you to use. Detox facilities are available on-site, and once you have gone through withdrawal, A Forever is proud to offer you a substance-free environment where you won’t have any cause to start abusing again.

Choose Your Program

A central tenet of the A Forever philosophy is the moral reasoning approach that it takes to treating substance abuse. Putting this in different words, it means that A Forever trusts its clients, to know instinctively, which form of treatment suits them.

The five programs that A Forever Recovery provides to its prospective clients include:

  • A faith-based, Christ-centered program
  • A conventional jaunt through the 12 Steps
  • Cognitive behavior re-adjustment program
  • An organic, holistic approach the pushes yoga, and other expressive therapies (music, art)
  • A treatment program based on the spiritual principles of Native Americans

All programs come with their attendant professional therapists, counselors, and experts in their respective field of treatment. Residents are assigned a case manager who is the person generally in charge of coordinating your care when you are an inpatient, no matter which treatment track you choose.

Many feel that it is not only the variety of programs available at A Forever that distinguish it from other programs but the staff as well, who many have commended as being open and approachable, a change from the cold and authoritative staff at other medically driven drug rehabs.

Again, keeping in line with its “the customer is always right” approach, there are no set time limits given to a client’s stay at A Forever. Progress is tracked and monitored by staff, but the patient is ultimately given the final say on when they are ready to leave.

Let It Be

A Forever Recovery is different in that it puts you in charge of your treatment. Depending on what school of thought you subscribe to, this may be a good thing or this may be a negative thing.

A Forever Recovery takes into account the emotional state of addicts even before they arrive at their facility. They know that addicts are not only struggling with addiction, but also an enormous amount of shame, guilt and low self-esteem that have been brought on by their using.

The chance to finally be back in charge of your life is what A Forever ultimately promises and what distinguishes it from other rehabs. The difference is not only felt when you are in residence at A Forever, but it continues afterward as well.

A Forever provides continuous aftercare services to ensure relapse prevention. You will be in contact with your case manager on a daily basis for up to a year after you have left Battle Creek, so that “A Forever” really means forever.

Cost for 30 days (including a year of aftercare): $17,266

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